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where the light hits the sand

A long time ago (the 90s), in a galaxy far, far away (on set in Tozeur, Tunisia), a special relationship between Vanity Fair and Star Wars was sparked. Back then, Annie Leibovitz was one of the only outsiders that Star Wars creator George Lucas allowed on his set. Today, in the franchise’s ever-evolving landscape—which includes a sale to Disney in 2012, a succession of groundbreaking directors and new characters, plus mind-bending advancements in special effects—there remains a constant: Leibovitz is still one of the few outsiders allowed. Such was the case for the new film, The Rise of Skywalker, the final installment in a trilogy of trilogies, which, according to Alan Horn, co-chairman of the Walt Disney Studios, “is over 40 years in the making. [President of Lucasfilm] Kathleen Kennedy,…

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1 Lev GROSSMAN “Tour de Force,” p. 60 After a long career at Time, where he interviewed such luminaries as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Grossman published The Magicians at age 40.“I was an extremely late bloomer as a fiction writer,” he says, but he’s loved sci-fi all his life. “Star Wars is a subject about which I am slightly obsessed.” 2 Samhita MUKHOPADHYAY “Mindy Kaling in Full Bloom,” p. 108 “I have been obsessed with Mindy Kaling since The Mindy Project,” says Mukhopadhyay, whose interview with Kaling left her feeling inspired. “It was remarkable to see how much she’s grown and how much she’s doing for other South Asian writers and actors.” Mukhopadhyay is the executive editor of Teen Vogue. 3 Mark WILLIAMS + Sara HIRAKAWA “Mindy Kaling in Full Bloom,” p. 108 During their photo shoot…

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these are the droids you’re looking for

In 1997, I read an article in The New Yorker by John Seabrook called “Why Is the Force Still with Us?” It was a look back at the three original Star Wars movies, Episodes IV–VI, in advance of the coming prequel trilogy, which began with The Phantom Menace in 1999. Before reading this piece, I had not thought of the first three films as canonical work, to which one would apply critical thinking the way one might a novel or a symphony. It’s not that they didn’t merit it; it’s that I could never have held them at such a remove. They were part of the fabric of my childhood and coming of age. They gave me my first celebrity crush (three guesses) and my first (unconscious) acquaintance with the…

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“Fantastical lives rarely survive close scrutiny.”—Nick Mafi, Brooklyn, New York El Chapo Don Winslow’s article on El Chapo is spot-on [“The Chapo Trap,” March]. There will always be someone to provide drugs as long as there is someone to buy them. And it is interesting whom we prosecute—the Sackler family is every bit as guilty as El Chapo, yet they will never see a jail cell. We call one man evil and the other a businessman. I enjoyed Winslow’s article and I look forward to the verdict, but in the end, when the cost per gram of cocaine, for instance, is $2 in Colombia and $70 in Atlanta, someone will continue to pursue those profits. Miley Cyrus Zach Baron truly captured the spirit of Miley Cyrus in your March cover story [“Miley Everlasting”]. Like…

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@vfldn Exhibition Heavenly Heels Manolo Blahnik’s longheld fascination with the Wallace Collection, one of the world’s most beautiful museums of fine and decorative art, will be celebrated in An Enquiring Mind: Manolo Blahnik at the Wallace Collection (June 10 to September 1). Art and shoe lovers alike will delight in Blahnik’s designs placed in the context of the many treasures. wallacecollection.org Exhibition And Still We Rise From the Windrush generation of immigrants to contemporary artists, 50 years of Black creativity in Britain is being celebrated in Somerset House’s major summer exhibition. Get Up, Stand Up Now (June 12 to September 15) covers everything from film and fashion to music and movement in a multidisciplinary celebration of creative talent. somersethouse.org.uk Fashion Chevron Chic Luxury sports and activewear brand Perfect Moment makes dressing for almost any activity more glamorous, though that’s not…

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Gown by Carolina Herrera hair products by Kevin Murphy makeup and nail enamel by CHANEL. “Jean-Marc Vallée was like, ‘I don’t know if you can be tough,’ so I flipped off the camera.”Kathryn Newton, 22, whose summer screen hat-trick is Pokémon Detective Pikachu, The Society, and Big Little Lies Kathryn Newton speaks with V.F.’s Britt Hennemuth. This is the summer of Kathryn Newton. You star on the big and small screens, first in Pokémon Detective Pikachu opposite Ryan Reynolds. My first day of elementary school I had my Pikachu backpack, and I still have my cards. So it’s crazy to be a part of something that defined a lot of your childhood. My character, Lucy Stevens, is a young reporter who’s driven, fearless, and funny, and I’m very proud of this new world that we’ve created—a…