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1 Abigail TRACY “The Super Speaker,” p. 86 “When I left Nancy Pelosi’s office, the historical gravity of the moment really settled in,” says Tracy, who has been writing about Congress and foreign policy for Vanity Fair’s Hive since it launched in 2016. “Pelosi never wanted impeachment, but she seemed at peace with her decision.” 2 Karen VALBY “The Ballad of John & Chrissy,” p. 64 “Some public people are even better than you hope them to be,” says Valby, who profiled John Legend and Chrissy Teigen for this month’s cover story. “They kept returning to subjects, even difficult ones, because they’re interested in what each other has to say. I missed my plane, because I couldn’t bear to leave the conversation.” 3 Jason BELL “Empire State of Mind,” p. 76 Bell, the acclaimed British portrait photographer, shot…

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the right note

The first day that Annie Leibovitz photographed the Speaker of the House, shadowing her through a day of meetings on Capitol Hill, was the same day many hoped might herald the beginning of impeachment proceedings against the president. Elsewhere on the Hill, Robert Mueller was testifying before the House judiciary committee. By the end of that day, his testimony seemed like a final curtain; in reality, it was just a false start. And so, in this issue we present Annie’s suite of pictures of Nancy Pelosi at work, illustrative of the Speaker’s drive, focus, and uncanny ability to rise above the noise of a chaotic news cycle. “The times have found us,” she tells V.F.’s Abigail Tracy, quoting Thomas Paine, and if they found us a few months later than…

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“Why are some people apathetic about discrimination until it targets them?”—Elaine Nicol, Santa Barbara, California Lupita Nyong’o The Lupita Nyong’o cover took my breath away [“Upon a Star,” by Kimberly Drew, October]. When I picked up the magazine at my post office, I immediately showed the clerk. His jaw dropped. He showed it to his crew, who all said it was the most lovely photo of her: perfect colors, styling, and expression. A few of us decided to meet up and talk about the article and we actually did. Everyone had their new V.F. with them! We shared much conversation over coffee and ice cream (hot strong beside cold sweetness. Perfection. It’s Boston. That’s how we roll.) We have plans for another hang soon thanks to Lupita Nyong’o via Vanity Fair. Lynn Small…

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@vanityfairlondon Jewellery True Blue The 8.87ct natural sapphire in this ring by Hamilton & Inches is a thing of wonder, but it’s the little gold claws and engraved band that make it so special. With gold mined from the Cononish mine in the Scottish Highlands, this is one of the hero pieces in the Edinburgh-based house’s first collection to use rare Scottish gold. Entitled the Queen of Scots ring, it features epaulette-cut diamond shoulders as well as the intricately detailed band. hamiltonandinches.com Jewellery Cosmic Ordering Coco Chanel’s love of all things celestial has given the house plenty to work with, and the new additions to the Comète fine jewellery collection are heaven-sent. With star-crossed pendants, diamond-set earrings (either sweeping up or dangling from lobes) and pearl-set ear climbers, it’s truly putting stars in our eyes—and ears. chanel.com Travel Hit the…

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opening act

Jonathan Majors is on the fast track to movie stardom, picking up speed after a Sundance standout in the Brad Pitt–produced The Last Black Man in San Francisco. Next up are J.J. Abrams and Jordan Peele’s HBO series Lovecraft Country, Spike Lee’s war drama Da 5 Bloods, and a revenge western from Jay-Z, The Harder They Fall. Here, some insights gleaned during Sunday errands with the classically trained hotshot. HE WAS BORN in Lompoc, California, but calls himself “a Texan. I came from a very military, Christian, Southern upbringing.” At five, he moved and settled in Dallas, but shortly after, his father left the family. “His sudden absence had a real wear and tear.” HIS MOTHER’S a pastor and his sister graduated at the top of her class. “I was an athlete…

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frame it

‘On any given day in New York, you can walk on this very specifically mapped-out grid and stumble into possibility,” says Kia LaBeija. Born into an artistic family and rechristened by the city’s voguing scene (she formerly led the famed House of LaBeija and made a cameo on Pose), she mounts a literal grid onstage this fall in Untitled, The Black Act, a six-person work for the Performa 19 Biennial. Inspired by the Bauhaus geometry of Oskar Schlemmer’s The Triadic Ballet—what he called “a party of form and color,” with vivid, bulbous costumes—the Alvin Ailey–trained LaBeija pairs loose-limbed improvisation with more movable attire. “I’ve always loved dress-up,” she says, in a profusion of pearls. “It’s about playing different versions of who you’d like to be.” HAIR BY ANDRITA RENEE; MAKEUP BY…