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@vanityfairlondon JEWELLERY Tiaras and Tales If you want to sum up the calibre of art, jewellery and antiques on display at TEFAF, Maastricht (March 7—15, 2020), this incredible Victorian diamond tiara and detachable necklace from Hancocks is a prime example. Owned by infamous aristocrat Henry Cyril Paget, the 5th Marquess of Anglesey, who died in 1905 having run up extraordinary debts, it is due to be unveiled at this year’s Fair. Talk about provenance. tefaf.com BEAUTY Master Blaster When it comes to knife-free alternatives to rejuvenation treatments, Dr Michael Prager is one of the United Kingdom’s most indemand cosmetic doctors. His new treatment, the H2 Infusion, blasts the skin with hydrogenated water, infusing the skin with one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants in a 40minute treatment. It’s potent, yet relaxing. The perfect lunch-hour lift? drmichaelprager.com RESORTS Aman for…

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Rachel DODES “HOT, BUT NOT BOTHERED” P. 44 “In 2020, being horny often has nothing to do with being sexually aroused,” says Dodes, a New York–based writer and cohost of the podcast Nope. “You can be horny for justice, grocery stores, or binge-worthy shows. It’s a state of mind, a cri de coeur, a conscious choice to be an enthusiast in a time of despair.” Carlos “Kaito” ARAUJO “THE GOLDEN AGE” P. 46 Diddy’s 50th-birthday party brought out hip-hop’s royalty, many of whom are, like their host, identifiable by a single name: Usher, Kanye, Lizzo. And all of them sat for Araujo in V.F.’s portrait studio. “Just want to give a big thank you to Pu. for allowing me to capture these images,” says Araujo. “Capturing timeless images for me to share with the world…

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editor’s letter

The year begins in January, obviously, but the rap on this January was that it felt a year long. Britain left the European Union, Meghan and Harry left Britain, the Senate took leave of its common sense. (I myself got a year older, which probably would have happened anyway, but I still blame Mitch McConnell.) I don’t know about you, but it added insult to injury every time news of world-historical order dropped nonchalantly onto my phone via push notification, as if the death of the dream of a unified Europe was just another OS update. We can’t turn back the clock, but what if we try starting fresh with spring and its leitmotifs of youth and renewal? Our March issue looks forward, starting with our cover star, Ana de Armas.…

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antalya revisited

Known as the gateway to Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, Antalya is a haven for those seeking sun, sea and striking scenery. Pristine beaches and world-class hotels make this a holiday hotspot, but there’s much more to be discovered in the ancient city besides its sun-soaked shoreline. A destination in its own right, the multi-faceted metropolis offers endless opportunities to explore history, culture and nature, from wandering through sites that have stood for centuries to shopping on cobbled streets and discovering authentic Anatolian street food. Feel the city’s soul in the old town Before it became one of Turkey’s top tourist spots, Antalya was the ancient city of Attalia, founded during the Hellenistic period and later becoming part of the Roman Empire. Thanks to this rich heritage, Antalya has a magnificent—and beautifully preserved—old quarter,…

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the finer things

Style File ALWAYS WEAR: Bulgari B.zero1 ring (8). GO-TO SHOE: The Row Zipped Boot 1 (2). FAVORITE BAG: Chanel Classic Handbag Spring-Summer 2020 (11). HAIR ACCESSORIES: Boring, but Scünci’s No Damage Thick Hair black elastics. On Beauty LIPSTICK: Nars Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (5). PERFUME: Le Labo Santal 33 (4). SUPPLEMENTS: Oregano oil capsules are my cure-all. WORKOUT: Sky Ting Yoga, SoulCycle, and a li’l dancing with Megan Roup or FORWARD_ _Space. Sweet Home NEW ADDITION: I recently won my beloved vintage stool by Jean Prouvé at auction. BEDDING: Last Light. FLORA: Seasonally cut branches, like quince (3). POTTERY: Japanese ceramic plates from Roman and Williams Guild. FOUR-LEGGED FRIEND: I just rescued the sweetest pup ever. We met at a film screening hosted by Dianna Agron—he was being fostered by…

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generation next

It is impossible to pinpoint the moment that Gen X culture hit its zenith, but one could make a sound case for sometime in 1994. That year was major: Tonya vs. Nancy, Pulp Fiction, Weezer’s “Buddy Holly,” the birth of lad mags, the death of Kurt Cobain, the debut of Friends and, a few months later, “the Rachel.” In fashion, that was when grunge crossed over from mildewed Seattle rock venues into suburban malls—a trickledown effect of Marc Jacobs’s spring 1993 collection for Perry Ellis, which put supermodels in flannel and knit beanies (and later got the designer fired). Soon, brands were bending sideways to appeal to next-gen consumers, whom they imagined to be disaffected, wary of being marketed to, and more or less against buying things. So how do you…