WellBeing Astrology


The 2023 edition of WellBeing Astrology #19 reveals what your sun sign has in store for you. Discover how Saturn in Pisces will influence us collectively in the year ahead. Explore the benefits of gardening via the Moon’s cycles, and gain a greater understanding of Vedic astrology. What to know more about lunar nodes? Read through this fascinating subject and be prepared to be awed by their power. If the Sun’s more up your alley, journey into your chart to discover where your sun falls and where it has the greatest impact on your health. Uncover the ancient language of colour and its connection to planetary understanding, get to know the energy of your combust planets or check out your Chinese horoscope for the year of the Rabbit, and much more! Get your copy now! * NEW MOON CALENDAR INCLUDED*

$10.95(Incl. tax)