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WellBeing Issue 194 + Course Guide

WellBeing is the World’s leading journal of natural health and living.  A refreshingly intelligent reading experience, WellBeing offers inspiration for a way of life that is authentic and soulful.  Reportage reviews the latest developments (or revived ancient practices) in natural living, and in-depth articles both challenge and inspire pragmatic action in the real-world balance of work, life, family and community.  WellBeing reaches an increasingly sophisticated audience of citizens of the global village.  Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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We are not very good at choosing fear. When presented with the choice between what feels comfortable and what feels daunting or difficult, we almost always choose the former. The modern world has made this easy for us. Technology has given us a solution for every basic problem at the click of a button. When the going gets tough, we look down and escape into our phones. We do what we think we “should” rather than daring to do what we really want. But fear, difficulty and discomfort — these are opportunities to develop a life-giving inner force: courage. And when called upon, we are brilliant at courage. Without it, we limit our possibilities and opportunities; we limit our lives. When you activate courage over and over, you can truly…

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Spring is here, bringing with it colour, joy and new life. Let the new season signify a season of abundance and mindful living. Shed the layers of doubt and let your soul shine. Just as the spring perennials emerge from the earth and bloom, you too have a new phase to grow into. So nurture yourself. Feed your mind, body and spirit. Spring-clean every part of your life. Create a nourishing space and declutter your home; cleanse your thoughts of negativity; spend time outdoors and close your eyes as you breathe in the spring air; ditch your phone for a day; and make a conscious effort to be present in each and every moment. It is here where you will bloom. “bloom beautifullydangerouslyloudlybloom softlyhowever you needjust bloom”~ Rupi Kaur…

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from the editor-in-chief

It has taken a little while, but people seem to be on board with wearing masks. At the time of writing, where I am a COVID scare has meant that everyone is supposed to be wearing masks in an indoor setting. This time around, people seem to be taking it seriously and donning their masks without too much fuss being made about it. In fact, people seem to be enjoying making a statement in their choice of mask. I prefer a sleek black model, fancying myself to look something of the highwayman as I do so. Braver souls opt for zebra patterns or some pansies on a field of lilac, while the more pragmatic just go for the blue/white surgical look. Amid this fashion flurry I noticed something else happening. I was…

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from the editor

During my first few months of motherhood I have found myself repeating the phrase “this too shall pass,” over and over. During wakeful nights that sprawl into early mornings, through my aching back and frazzled mind; moments that puncture the otherwise blissful bubble of motherhood and remind me that it’s never all easy. There are moments, inevitably, rightly, that push you to your edge and test your spirit. It’s here, though, in our discomfort, where we are often given the opportunity to really live. Since having my little girl and coming back to work, I have learned to prioritise what really matters, to surrender to what I cannot control and to be patient with myself and those around me. I can accomplish more during my daughter’s hour-long nap than I could in…

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it's in the doing

Trying to remain a one-car family, teaching my children to not be wasteful with things and natural resources. Repurpose — Reuse — Recycle. @emvicp We have a little veggie patch, compost all our food scraps, use reusable cloth nappies for our bubba, use a menstrual cup, reuse jars to store food or propagate plants and opt for reusable shopping bags. We also do our shopping at bulk food stores and farmers’ markets when we can, carpool and walk to work sometimes, and take our own cutlery and straws everywhere we go. @nourishedwithchloe We’re building a community of future shapers for renewal so we get the multiplier effect! Communing with like-minded folk reinforces all the things we can do. Inner work is essential to the outer transformation. @coterie.renewal Composting, recycling, reusing and advocating for products that have…

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recent medical findings for a healthier body

Stress and grey hair People have long believed that psychological stress can accelerate greying of the hair, but researchers have debated the issue, largely due to a lack of methods that can correlate times of stress with hair pigmentation at the follicular level. Now a researcher has developed a method to allow capturing of highly detailed images of tiny slices of human hairs to quantify pigment loss in each of those slices. Using this technique, subjects’ hair was analysed and then compared with each subject’s stress diary. Striking associations between stress and hair greying were revealed. The researchers developed a model suggesting that stress-induced changes in mitochondria caused the greying. Interestingly, in some cases, there was also a reversal of greying when stress was lifted. For some, not for all, that…