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Wheels July 2018

Wheels is Australia’s original motoring magazine. Launched in 1953, we’ve been trusted by generations of Australians to provide entertaining and forthright opinions on the good, the bad and the ugly of new and used cars. A world-class car mag with a formidable international reputation, Wheels covers the full gamut of cars – from sports cars to four-wheel-drives, economy to family cars – but it also covers the people, personalities and the power plays behind one of the world’s most dynamic industries.

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editor’s letter

For many, ‘rivalry’ is too weak a word, especially if you have a keen interest in sport. Beating the wretched Poms is one of life’s sweetest pleasures, while losing, particularly in rugby or cricket (as we are right now) almost verges on unbearable. Our expertise at building world-class cars hasn’t disappeared. And if the Brits can do it, why can’t we? Imagine my surprise then, at feeling a strange pang of jealousy for the Brits at a recent launch in Portugal. I was there to drive the McLaren Senna, which you’ll read about next month (this mag already has its McLaren quota with our night drive in the 720S on p72), and the pitlane was swarming with clipped accents and stiff upper lips. Nearly every staff member was marching about with a…

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ev boost

It’s interesting to note that every story in this month’s news section, bar one, covers electrified drivetrains. Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and the boffins at Affalterbach are all poised to deploy electrons in their future product, with the technology focused not on efficiency gains, but rather weaponised for performance. You only have to consider the prospect of a 450kW+ Alfa Romeo Giulia coupe to appreciate the electric revolution holds plenty of interest for enthusiasts. Our first tastes of the Jaguar I-Pace (p50) and Mercedes-Benz EQC (p18) SUVs both offer plenty for keen drivers too, so is boosting the minute demand for EVs, especially in Australia, simply a case of build it and they will come?…

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super coupes assemble!

THE SPORTS coupe has evolved. Alfa Romeo is working on a 447kW two-door version of the Giulia while Mercedes-AMG is looking to create an athlete in the shape of its next-generation 400kW C63 coupe. Both will feature fashionably downsized turbocharged powerplants and both will deliver tantalising diversions from the performance template for each marque. The coupe version of the Giulia was long-rumoured as a logical model extension on the Giorgio platform, but outgoing FCA boss Sergio Marchionne amped up expectation at the group’s Capital Markets Day, where the plans for the next five years are unveiled. The coupe will revive the classic GTV nameplate, a badge last seen on the underwhelming 916-series front-drive cars that last rolled off Pininfarina’s Giorgio Canavese line back in 2004. This one is very different. Although the…

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volvo’s pole volt

Volvo has applied the Polestar treatment to its 60 Series T8 petrol-electric hybrid models. The ‘Polestar Engineered’ package upgrades wheels, Brembo brakes, Ohlins suspension and the engine control unit. The new-gen S60 is set to be the first recipient, with V60 and XC60 versions getting the go-faster treatments next year. Grunt takes a hike from 298kW/640Nm to 309kW/670Nm. Those figures are for US versions as Australia still awaits final confirmation, but given our predilection for hi-po halo models, it would seem a shoo-in.…

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electric. light

If the GTV isn’t enough to get you juiced, Alfa boss Tim Kuniskis announced plans to resurrect the Alfa Romeo 8C badge, last seen in 2010 on the gorgeous, LHD-only 8C Competizione, a riot of carbonfibre panels draped over a steel chassis. This time round, the sleek 8C will be built around a proper carbonfibre monocoque. A mid-mounted twin-turbo engine will send power to the rear axle, while electric power delivers torque to the front wheels. A system output of over 522kW will result in a sub-three-second sprint to 100km/h.…

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electrifying ferrari

FERRARI is working on EV powertrains... for now only for Maserati. But it is only a matter of time until there’s a new model from Maranello with a recharge port instead of a fuel filler. As outlined in FCA’s five-year plan last month, Maserati will soon drop diesel engines. It will produce only plug-in petrol-electric hybrid and pure battery-powered vehicles and Ferrari will supply the powertrains for all of them. The Ferrari-developed EV powertrain will deliver Ferrari-grade performance. Tim Kuniskis, the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles exec who heads both Maserati and Alfa Romeo, promises 0-100km/h acceleration in around 2.0 seconds and a 300km/h-plus top speed for its new brand-halo sports car in his presentation. The EVs, marketed under the ‘Maserati Blue’ banner, will utilise three electric motors. It’s certain two will be mounted…