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Wheels May 2017

Wheels is Australia’s original motoring magazine. Launched in 1953, we’ve been trusted by generations of Australians to provide entertaining and forthright opinions on the good, the bad and the ugly of new and used cars. A world-class car mag with a formidable international reputation, Wheels covers the full gamut of cars – from sports cars to four-wheel-drives, economy to family cars – but it also covers the people, personalities and the power plays behind one of the world’s most dynamic industries.

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editor’s letter

As the W1 loped along, my mind kept returning to a nagging question: where does HSV go from here? So this is what it’s like to drive a HSV GTSR W1 on the public road. Until now, our only taste of what promises to be Australia’s greatest muscle car has been limited to track time in a camouflaged mule, meaning my new friend – his eyes as big as dinner plates, his finger a blur on the shutter of his camera phone as he tries to immortalise the moment, while desperately fighting to keep his own Commodore in his lane – is right: this is the first time a W1 has been released “into the wild”. And the public reaction to my burnt orange beast is suitably enthusiastic. I’m honked at…

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mid-ship ’vette bound for oz

HOLDEN’S post-Commodore V8 hero car – the all-new C8 Corvette due in 2019 – will be a $120,000-plus mid-engine belter set to take the performance fight to Ferrari for one-third of the price. The next-generation Corvette will emerge from the Bowling Green production line with the steering wheel on the right and deliver traditional V8 performance as well as a hybrid-infused high-tech knockout as part of a three-tiered range set to redefine America’s most iconic muscle car. It will possibly use the Zora name – referencing Zora Arkus-Duntov, the ‘father’ of the original 1953 Corvette. GM has also trademarked E-Ray, which is expected to be used on a hybrid flagship. The shift to a mid-engine layout will allow for better positioning of weight over the rear wheels, bringing dynamic benefits and allowing for…

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Holden Adventra returns An all-wheel drive, high-riding variant of the next-gen Holden Commodore has been confirmed for the 2018 line-up, to be called the Tourer. The new body style is the third confirmed for the Opel Insignia-based NG Commodore that will replace the current Aussie-built VFII next year. The Tourer’s slippery road focus will see it use the same GKN Twinster AWD system that underpins V6 versions of the NG Commodore sedan. Like its siblings, the Tourer is a rebadged Opel product, built atop GM’s E2XX architecture. It’ll use the same 230kW/370Nm 3.6-litre V6 as the AWD NG. Last-chance scramble for GTSR W1 Fans of the most powerful Australian-made sedan to date — and possibly forever — may have one last glimmer of hope to own a HSV GTSR W1, with a number…

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doing the showroom samba

Those expecting the C8 Corvette to replace the Commodore as a Holden hero will be deeply disappointed. The six-figure price tag will turn many away, while the fact it has only two seats will see it do the same to many more. A mid-engine supercar is a long way from the performance-for-the-people family cars that Holden has been known for since 1948. But don’t expect the Corvette to gather dust in the corner of a showroom that fewer people than ever are visiting. If GM nails the C8 in the same way other recent Corvettes have hit their mark then it could be a fantastic halo. Yet the Corvette is more likely to take on its own brand rather than lift the Holden one, in much the same way as the Nissan GT-R is a…

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towards zero sense

ROAD-SAFETY experts, politicians and police clearly perceive statistics, and even reality itself, at a different level to the rest of us, because rather than seeing the rising road toll as a sign that their fierce policies of enforcement are not working, they claim it as proof that we need more of the same. The figures are stark. The national road toll reached a four-year high of 1300 in 2016, with the number of people dying on roads in Western Australia rising 20.6 percent, and Victoria 15.9 percent. In Victoria, the state that’s unquestionably poured the most high-profile effort into reducing road trauma, the figure for the calendar year 2016 was 291. The last time the toll was that high was 2009 (when it hit 290). The disturbing comparison, though, is that in 2009,…

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six-pot stallions

“If we were developing a V6, we would do one with a tremendous sound”Ferrari tech boss Michael Leiters FERRARI is developing a modular V6 turbo engine as part of a bold hybrid vision that will spread to its latest V8 models in a fast-evolving drivetrain strategy. The new V6 is poised to change the shape of Ferrari, according to chief technology officer Michael Leiters, speaking to Wheels at the Geneva motor show. Using the combustion chambers of the 3.9-litre V8 – each measuring 488cc – the new V6 will displace 2.9 litres. “We are thinking about downsizing,” said Leiters. “If we were to develop a six-cylinder, it should have the same performance as today’s eight-cylinder engine.” But he said the sound would be crucial to signing off a V6 program. “If we were to develop a…