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Wheels October 2018

Wheels is Australia’s original motoring magazine. Launched in 1953, we’ve been trusted by generations of Australians to provide entertaining and forthright opinions on the good, the bad and the ugly of new and used cars. A world-class car mag with a formidable international reputation, Wheels covers the full gamut of cars – from sports cars to four-wheel-drives, economy to family cars – but it also covers the people, personalities and the power plays behind one of the world’s most dynamic industries.

Bauer Media Pty Ltd
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3 min.
editor’s letter

“We were thinking about how can we really innovate this and do it differently,” he tells me. “We spent a fair bit of time thinking about what if we had electric enhancement as opposed to swapping the engine in and out? What if the excitement came from the electric side of the equation?” Ponder that for a moment. Imagine the impact a halo version of the ailing ZB could have for HSV and Holden. A car armed both with HSV’s renowned chassis-tuning expertise, and a hybrid powertrain wicked up with Tesla-esque performance. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Imagine a ZB Commodore armed with a hybrid powertrain packing Tesla-esque performance The reality check is that for now, the program has been shelved. High costs and a supply base more interested in…

1 min.
camaro ... comin’ at ya

Cruel timing meant we just missed out on including a drive of the HSV Camaro in this issue. Our first chance to sample a right-hook Camaro arrives two days after our print deadline, though we have big plans for the November mag, so stay tuned. HSV’s new, auto-only charger will cost $85,990 when it goes on sale this year, making it some $20K more expensive than an equivalent Mustang. The Camaro does pack more grunt than the Ford (339kW/617Nm v 339kW/556Nm), though it’s HSV’s significant remanufacturing process that adds the price premium. Each Camaro takes 100 hours to convert and the quality and attention to detail dedicated to the process is extraordinary.…

3 min.
pininfarina: the new carrozzeria

IT’S VIRTUALLY impossible to disentangle the histories of Pininfarina and Ferrari. The fate of the styling house formed by Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina was inexorably changed in 1951 when, in a small restaurant in Tortona, Farina and Ferrari met. Since that discussion over coffee, every Ferrari road car bar the 1973 308 GT4 and the 2013 LaFerrari have been Pininfarina designs. Now there has been a still more seismic shift in the ambitions of Pininfarina. At this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, it displayed the styling buck for its PF0 (‘PF zero’) electric hypercar. Pininfarina is now a manufacturer in its own right. That’s the story the company would want you to believe, in any case. Speak at length to CEO Michael Perschke and you’ll come away filled with visions of a…

1 min.
bugs-in-the-teeth ferraris

Here’s a pair of limited-edition Ferraris sure to get collectors frothing. The single-seat Monza SP1 and dual-seat Monza SP2 Barchettas take design inspiration from Maranello’s early racing barchettas, like the 166MM from 1948, but are based on the mighty 812 Superfast, with that model’s fearsome V12 wicked up even further to 603kW. Crowd-stopper design elements include upwards-opening doors, and a forward-hinged bonnet to showcase the V12. Just 500 of the all-carbonfibre cars will be built for a yet-to-be-disclosed figure; deliveries from June 2019.…

1 min.
the shape of things to come

Although the original pop-up lamps have been ditched due to legislative issues, the PF0 still looks astonishingly clean. The flanks are unadorned by gaping intakes and the cabin seems shrink-wrapped between rounded arches, with three-point dihedral doors taking a chunk out of the roofline when opened. The teaser image shows the split wing elements, which sit above an active rear diffuser. The door sills are slim. As Perschke puts it, “you don’t have to be a trained yoga teacher to get into and out of it.”…

1 min.
glickenhaus breathes life into modulo

Often regarded as one of Pininfarina’s most iconic concepts, the Ferrari 512S Modulo is being given a fresh life by James Glickenhaus. Despite wowing crowds when it was first revealed at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show, and winning 22 design awards, the concept car was only ever a design project, and has never moved under its own power. Glickenhaus bought the car from the Italian design house in 2014, and debuted a better-than-new version at Monterey Car Week last month, 5.0-litre Ferrari V12 and all.…