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Winestate Magazine Annual Wine of the Year Awards Issue JAN FEB 2020

Launched in 1978, Winestate is one of the world’s longest running wine magazines, featuring over 140 pages on all things vinous from around the globe. Winestate tastes and rates over 10,000 wines a year, making Winestate the leading authority on Australian and New Zealand wines.

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THE ULTIMATE CURSE IS THE SAYING “MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES”. On the face of it, this sounds like a positive saying but like the half glass full analogy it can be taken both ways. This last 12 months has seen the word disruption appear time and time again in all aspects of society, and no less the wine industry. For the latter it has been interesting times indeed. We have seen the beginnings of generational changeover and the me-generation yet to embrace wine in the same way that the baby boomers carried the industry on its shoulders. Like all things it will probably change in the next five years, with exports filling the gaps in the meantime. Shiraz will probably be “discovered” again in 2025. These are challenging, but also…

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HISTORY-MAKING AWARDS THE 2019 Australian Women In Wine Awards (AWIWA) has made history, kicking off the inaugural USA Aussie Wine Month in New York. Now in its fifth year, the awards were announced in New York and live streamed around the world with eight of the nine winners attending in person to receive their award. Wine Australia chose the awards to launch its Far From Ordinary month-long campaign, the largest Australian wine promotion ever held in the US. The significance of the AWIWA and its timing was not lost on Wine Australia CEO, Andreas Clark. “We believe that our diverse wine community is one of our greatest strengths that help make our wine Far From Ordinary, and we are delighted to sponsor the Honorary Australian Woman In Wine USA and the Viticulturist of the…

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nz briefs

SETTING THE HEMP AMONG THE VINES THE impact of legal recreational marijuana as a potential disruptor for wine is being closely watched by the global wine industry, but in New Zealand, it’s the drug’s fast-growing cousin hemp that’s attracting attention. In late 2018, Marlborough grapegrower Kirsty Harkness obtained a licence to grow hemp among vines, trialling its potential benefits for the vineyard and wider environment. A strain of the cannabis sativa family, hemp has none of marijuana’s psychoactive compounds, instead being valued for its versatile fibre which can be used for clothing/textiles, rope, insulation, paper, bio-plastics, biofuel, animal feed and more. A hectare of hemp will also yield around one tonne of seeds, which are rich sources of protein, omegas 3, 6 and 9, fibre and minerals. Harkness, the MD and…

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restoring a reputation

FEBRUARY 2020 marks a significant moment in the evolution of Bordeaux’s Crus Bourgeois classification. After five years of work and legal preparation, Crus Bourgeois is moving to a fiveyear classification. For the decade of vintages from 2008 to 2017, Crus Bourgeois has steered a steady, fairly unobtrusive ship, working solidly on rebuilding reputation and consequence, after a damaging and turbulent period at the beginning of the millennium. As part of reputation recovery, the organisation outsourced, to an independent third-party body, responsibility for ensuring impartiality and minimum wine quality standards. This body conducted the blind tasting assessments on which entry to Crus Bourgeois is granted. For traditional bordeaux, outsourcing this critical step was fairly revolutionary. It is worth noting that when the St Emilion classification became mired in controversy a few years…

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more choice as sparklers light up the market

THERE has been an explosion in types of sparkling wine. The choice of wines in the marketplace makes it a very exciting category. No longer are we restricted to choosing champagne and perhaps you should consider fizz as an everyday wine, or maybe you already do. The choices start in the vineyard. Grapes for sparkling wine are generally selected from cool climates and can be slightly under ripe if they are going to be made into wine by the traditional method. But if the secondary fermentation is going to be carried out in tank, or if it is being made by the ancestral method, then the grapes will need to provide all the flavours so they can be grown in warmer climates. Whatever style of sparkling wine you need to have…

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grand torino drives the tourism experience further

THE first thing that gobsmacks newbie visitors to Turin is its architectural grandeur. Italy’s fourth largest city was also the first capital of the unified country until 1865 and no expense was spared on the palaces of Piedmont’s rulers - the House of Savoy. Most people think of Fiat when the name Turin pops up but, like Detroit, the city endured economic decline in the 1980s until lavish spending on the Winter Olympics of 2006 revamped the central boulevards that resemble Paris. Torino, as the city is called in Italian, has attracted an increasing number of tourists over the past decade because of its cultural, social, food and wine attractions. In a country awash with museums, the city has three of the best. Rome and the Cinecitta Studios occupy centre stage…