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Winestate Magazine August 2020

Launched in 1978, Winestate is one of the world’s longest running wine magazines, featuring over 140 pages on all things vinous from around the globe. Winestate tastes and rates over 10,000 wines a year, making Winestate the leading authority on Australian and New Zealand wines.

Winestate Magazine
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“WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH WINE DRINKERS IN THESE TURBULENT TIMES,” I keep getting asked? There are lots of things that come to mind. With the virus problems people are drinking more, predominantly ordering on-line, but at lower prices. Restaurants and hotels have been closed, then some opened with limited access, with some going into lockdown again, so owners have had to become more creative. Hotels with drive-throughs are doing well and others selling direct to the consumer are just keeping their head above water. Results are different from state to state and are ever changing as is to be expected! Several states including Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia tentatively opened their borders, with restrictions, to try and stimulate the tourism and hospitality sectors however as cases surge in Victoria (recently…

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BEST’S EVEN BETTER AFTER MORE THAN 150 YEARS BEST’S WINES retains the name of the original owner, Henry Best, but it is the Thomson family who have owned it for longer and contributed the most to its ongoing success. This year, the current generation – Viv Thomson and his son, Ben – celebrate 100 years of family ownership of the Great Western-based winery. While the Coronavirus pandemic has scuttled major celebratory plans, the family will nonetheless mark the occasion with the release of a sparkling wine from the 2016 vintage, the year the company celebrated its 150th anniversary. It will be the first sparkling from the maker since 2005. A blend of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier the sparkling will feature a dosage incorporating a back blend of aged wines. Henry Best…

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nz briefs

2020 HARVEST – A MEMORABLE VINTAGE! THERE’S no doubting 2020 is already one for the history books, but for New Zealand winemakers it will also go down as one of the best vintages in recent memory. Whilst there was some variation across the country, for the most part a cool, wet spring gave way to a long, dry, warm but not overly hot summer with very little rain or disease pressure throughout the crucial harvest months. It’s probably a good thing the weather gods were kind as the vintage was not without its stressful points - New Zealand went into strict lockdown on March 26th smack in the middle of harvest. After some uncertainty, it was agreed that the grape harvest could proceed with producers adhering to very strict social-distancing and…

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new world order

THE new Covid-19 world order both unites us and separates us. From our working from home, social distancing/self-isolating/shielding options, somehow the world keeps turning, and essential needs, not solely medical and social care, are met by those who can’t work from home: shop staff, refuse collectors, delivery folk, police and military, school staff … language unheard of at the beginning of the year is now so familiar no rummaging through dictionaries is necessary: words such as lockdown, furlough, PPE, anosmia. the UK, in very short order, off-licences (bottle shops), originally excluded, were added to the list of ‘essential’ retailers – those allowed/told to stay open during the pandemic, as grocery stores saw nearly a 60% increase in beers, wines and spirit sales in the first week of lockdown (week commencing March…

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effort equals rewards

BIODYNAMIC is older than the organic movement but less popular and shrouded in mystery and some would say a degree of hocus-pocus. It is the agricultural practices pioneered by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) the Austrian philosopher and scientist. In 1924 he gave a series of lectures, shortly before he died, in which he preached that digesting food grown through his methods would enhance spiritual development. Put it another way – we are what we eat. A distinguishing feature of biodynamic (BD) farming is the use of nine biodynamic preparations prescribed by Steiner for the purpose of enhancing soil quality and stimulating plant life. They consist of mineral, plant, or animal manure extracts, usually fermented and applied in small proportions to compost, manures, soil, or directly onto plants. One preparation, number 501, is…

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road trip nsw - the pleasures on our own doorstep

QANTAS has announced the airline won't be resuming international flights until March next year. On the bright side, Australians have a whole continent at their disposal to stave off the cabin fever of coronavirus lockdown and my home state of NSW is bigger than Spain and Germany combined. In June, the experience of just being able to hit the highway seemed like a truly liberating experience and our first road trip took us to Mudgee. The annual Flavours of Mudgee event, which draws more than 12,000 visitors a year, is still scheduled for November 21st. But there are more than 40 cellar doors to sample in the meantime. We made a pitstop at Roth's Wine Bar, which has been serving up good food, wine and music since 1923. The wine cellar…