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let’s celebrate spring & living well

Ditch the guilt and do something just for you! I’m so looking forward to lighter evenings, fresh flowers, wearing colour and… some Easter chocolate. Well, it is almost spring, and isn’t this the season to take time to live well? So ditch the guilt and do something for you. Four readers have done just that for a new passion (p42). Sam bought a camper van for more freedom, Nicole discovered that wild swimming gave her a sense of resilience, Tracy learnt floristry to feel more grounded – and Julia tried a digital detox to reclaim her downtime… Women like you sharing inspiring experiences. Talking of food, this issue is certainly a foodie one (with the perfect cover star) and I have quite a foodie family. My husband loves to cook fab one-pots;…

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womanandhome.com must-see videos

FROM OUR COVER SHOOT Mary Berry reveals the five things she’d tell her younger self. Watch it now at womanandhome.com/maryberry EAT HEALTHY! Confused about what counts as one of your five a day? We make it fabulously clear with our neat little portion size video. Learn more at womanandhome.com/portionsizes SLEEP BETTER – TONIGHT! Try gentle, sleep-inducing exercises and you’ll feel oh… so… relaxed… zzzz. Watch it tonight at womanandhome.com/sleeptips LOVE LAMB AT EASTER? Learn the art of deboning a leg of lamb and carving becomes a complete joy! Great for our Stuffed lamb with fruity couscous recipe on page 170. Check it out at womanandhome.com/lambleg EDITORIAL COMPLAINTS We work hard to achieve the highest standards of editorial content, and we are committed to complying with the Editors’ Code of Practice (https://www.ipso.co.uk/IPSO/cop.html) as enforced by IPSO. If you have a…

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my daughter is a much better mother than i ever was…

“I love what I do and I’m dying to learn more. That’s where I get my drive” Mary Berry does not disappoint. In person, she’s just as kind and wise and twinkly as she is when she appears on television – and even though there are no soggy-bottom innuendoes, her fabulously cheeky wink makes the odd appearance. Now 81, Mary arrives at the w&h shoot wearing an off-duty uniform of black skirt (she was never a trouser person before Bake Off), pink cashmere cardie and sensible shoes, accompanied by her daughter, Annabel. Both clearly love fashion. Mary’s thrilled with the shoes the stylist picks, says she’s tempted to buy the embroidered bomber jacket, and, after some gentle persuasion, wears a trouser suit for the first time (“Like a virgin!” cries Annabel). Mary was…

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very berry

Guilty pleasure… Those Lindor chocolates wrapped in foil. I have one – after supper, with my coffee. Fashion first… I’d never worn a trouser suit before doing the w&h cover shoot. I didn’t think the style would fit my frame, but it looks good! Tech savvy... Yesterday my son Thomas said, “Mum, you’re so slow with texts!” He’s shown me a way of texting where you talk into your phone and it turns into a text. But I don’t do apps and I don’t use my phone for emails. One regret… That I never learnt to play bridge. Many of my girlfriends play but I wouldn’t be good enough. My friends are very important to me. I have a regular tennis four, the tennis isn’t Wimbledon standard and it starts with coffee and…

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“i’m happy to share my mother with the nation”

MARY’S DAUGHTER ANNABEL SAYS: Mum was a working mum, which was quite unusual then. My father and paternal grandmother – Granny Mop – were very active in looking after us. Of course I wished Mum was around more but we have no regrets, no grudges, no hard feelings. When Mum wasn’t working, she’d take us camping. It was an outdoorsy childhood that reflected her childhood – Mum was brought up on a farm and smuggled piglets and lambs into her bed, and hatched ducks in her AGA. Mum’s been amazing with my children. There’s a part of her that says, “I was too busy when you were young but I’m not too busy now and I want to be here to look after your children.” It was a very big thing for…

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“i can never follow a recipe and a glass of wine spells disaster but my shepherd’s pie is world class!”

Let’s face it, food is to be enjoyed not endured When people ask me if I like to cook the answer is always yes. But I guess the truth is I am more of a feeder than a cook! A “cook” to me is someone who can follow a recipe with ease, lay out the food so it not only tastes good but looks good and can manage to have everything ready at exactly the same time. I never follow a recipe, don’t give a hoot what the food looks like as long as it tastes good, and when my roast chicken is cooked, my roast potatoes never are! This is why I tend to make things that are all cooked in one pot so they are ready at the same time without even…