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Published by TI Media Limited Woman & home is the UK’s number-one monthly magazine aimed at women aged 35+. Including best beauty advice, fabulous wearable fashion trends, delicious recipes, in-depth health and wellbeing advice, latest looks for the home, plus insightful interviews with celebrities and real women who have achieved remarkable things, W &H’s pages are bursting with irresistible inspiration. And there are also short stories, travel ideas, exclusive offers, competitions and much more besides! With a raft of top writers and stunning photography, W &H is gorgeous, glossy package.

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it’s all about you!

Anything that bigs up your confidence is great in my opinion, so if cosmetic surgery is your bag, then that’s ok with me. I’ve never been brave enough to do anything to my face (although never say never), but the thing I always turn to when I need a beauty pick-me-up is a spray tan. Seriously, have you tried it? If there’s an event in my diary or I look a bit tired, I book in with my friend Suzie, who’s a wizard with a spray gun. The inconvenience (and mild embarrassment) of stripping down to your knickers is well worth the end result – all your lumps and imperfections are disguised, and your face is given a bit of a glow. It’s the best £25 you’ll ever spend on a…

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meet our contributors

ROSIE GREEN is w&h’s brilliant new Beauty Director. She lives in South Oxfordshire with her husband, son and daughter, and two guinea pigs. • What do I love most about being the age I am? I read recently that life dissatisfaction peaks at 44. If this is as bad as it gets, then I’m OK with that. • My motto in life? Light the candle! I’ve always hoarded candles and been too precious to burn them. But no longer! I also think it’s a good metaphor for life in general, right? BERNARDINE EVARISTO MBE is an award-winning author, and lives with her husband in west London. She writes about her relationship with her charismatic father on page 88. • What do I love most about being the age I am? That I still have everything to give. I feel…

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treat yourself

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“i’m as happy now as i was in my 20s”

On a sunny spring day in Chelsea, Twiggy is demonstrating her legendary modelling prowess on our cover shoot. To get the perfect shot, she gamely tried on a whole rail of clothes, clashed lightsabers with our editor Kath, and jumped two feet in the air. All this activity is regularly interspersed with peals of her (surprisingly loud) laughter. Twiggy the model might be impressive, but she’s now so much more than “a face”. She’s passionate about, and very involved in, her clothing and beauty ranges for M&S and Specsavers. She boasts a CV that runs from accomplished award-winning film and stage actress to singer to TV presenter via America’s Next Top Model judge. But despite her stellar career, it’s family she puts first. She is happily married to actor Leigh Lawson, proud…

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my life in pictures...

1965 This is me and my lovely mum at our back door in Neasden. I was only 16 and I was a young 16 year-old. I mean, you see girls now and it’s frightening how grown-up they are. 1967 This was an early, early fashion shoot. I did a range of Twiggy clothes as a teenager, and I think this was one of my designs. Great collar! 1973 David Bowie was in Paris recording his album Pin Ups. I’d just come back from holiday and was very sun-tanned, and he was very white; the make-up artist had the idea to do masks of make-up. It’s a great tragedy that we lost David. 1981 That’s my bubba Carly. I just love being a mum. She must be two here. She was gorgeous, and she…

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the fabulous power of ‘i don’t care’

‘We women waste half our lives worrying about what other people think’ The other day on the train, I did something I never thought I’d do. I told someone off. In front of lots of people. And he wasn’t a naughty boy belonging to me either. He was a naughty boy of about 30 with a laptop and headphones with a microphone attached into which he began to speak loudly. Very loudly. Naughty Boy had plonked himself down opposite, set up a mobile office on the table between us and started having a business meeting. The entire carriage got to hear the details of this arrogant prat’s latest venture. On and on he bellowed, oblivious to other passengers. Well, after 20 minutes, I’d had enough. “Excuse me for interrupting your meeting,” I…