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Published by TI Media Limited Woman & home is the UK’s number-one monthly magazine aimed at women aged 35+. Including best beauty advice, fabulous wearable fashion trends, delicious recipes, in-depth health and wellbeing advice, latest looks for the home, plus insightful interviews with celebrities and real women who have achieved remarkable things, W &H’s pages are bursting with irresistible inspiration. And there are also short stories, travel ideas, exclusive offers, competitions and much more besides! With a raft of top writers and stunning photography, W &H is gorgeous, glossy package.

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it’s all about you!

Anti-ageing as a beauty concept is over for us at woman&home. As grown-up women I think we all agree it’s a daft idea. None of us – not even the Queen or Madonna – can stop the clock. I have a few friends who’ve had a bit of work done but most of the women I know aren’t as obsessed with looking young as the media often implies. I don’t strive to appear younger than 54, I just want to look the best version of myself – groomed and a little bit glamorous is the goal for me. I wouldn’t describe myself as a beauty junkie but there are products and treatments I would never give up. Here’s my checklist: • Regular salon colour at John Frieda topped up with L’Oréal…

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meet our contributors

ADELE PARKS is a multimillion-selling women’s fiction author, and her latest book, I Invited Her In , is out on 20 September. She writes about how she bounced back from divorce on p64. • My beauty lifesaver is… YSL Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream, an all-round miracle worker. Love it! • My pampering treat is… A massage, which I keep promising myself I’ll treat myself to once every couple of months. In reality, it’s one or two a year! Former Lifestyle Editor of Sunday Times Style , SHARON WALKER writes for the Observer and healthista.com – and explores ways to feel more joyful on p48. • My beauty lifesaver is… Oxygenetix Foundation or Obagi SPF 50 Sunscreen, which is non-greasy and perfect for every day. • My pampering treat is… A week – or weekend…

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treat yourself

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“my life is happy chaos ”

With her glossy hair and perfectly manicured nails, you might be fooled into believing Emilia Fox, 44, is an actress who demands the red carpet treatment wherever she goes. Think again. It’s 7am when she arrives at our cover shoot, make-up free and wet hair scraped back into a ponytail, having agreed to squeeze us in before a busy day of filming for the new series (and her 15th) of BBC One’s Silent Witness . Her next filming location? A rubbish dump in High Wycombe – and believe it or not, it doesn’t faze her one bit. “The worst place I’ve filmed?” she says. “In front of a men’s urinal – we had such a laugh!” It’s that down-to-earth attitude that surely makes her one of the most likeable women…

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ask me anything

What is the one thing you’re terrified of? Touching flowerpots… I promise I’m not crazy! What is your biggest addiction? Coffee – I can get through six to eight cups a day. Tell us the wildest thing you’ve done... Taking part in the reality TV show, Bear Grylls: Mission Survive. Who was your teenage heartthrob? I had two: Dustin Hoffman and John Thaw. And now? I’m looking for one! What is the one thing you’d change about yourself? I wish I didn’t worry so much. What is your mantra? My great-great-grandfather Samson Fox adopted it from Benjamin Disraeli: “To the brave, nothing is difficult.” Who is your ultimate power woman? One who admits her fragility as much as her strength, and knows the value of her family and friends as much as her commitment to work. When was…

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“perfume and make-up play a bigger part in our lives than we sometimes acknowledge”

“I get my hair done once a week… it’s far better for my mood than any antidepressant!” Fifteen years ago, they discontinued my perfume. I couldn’t quite believe it. I went back to the counter to check, but there was no mistake. I had heard it right the first time. Must de Cartier II, with its distinctive red bandsman’s cap, was no more. The assistant was a faded Elizabeth Taylor type, one of those weary, older make-up artists who never managed to trade the face that fate gave her for the lovely life it was made for. I think she must have spotted how upset I was because she said, “They always stop making the beautiful scents. I don’t know why.” She reached behind her and produced a bottle. “This one is…