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Woman & Home May 2017

Published by TI Media Limited Woman & home is the UK’s number-one monthly magazine aimed at women aged 35+. Including best beauty advice, fabulous wearable fashion trends, delicious recipes, in-depth health and wellbeing advice, latest looks for the home, plus insightful interviews with celebrities and real women who have achieved remarkable things, W &H’s pages are bursting with irresistible inspiration. And there are also short stories, travel ideas, exclusive offers, competitions and much more besides! With a raft of top writers and stunning photography, W &H is gorgeous, glossy package.

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friendship – why it’s so important

“We’ve been friends for so long I can’t remember which one of us is the bad influence” It certainly is for me and, although have a wide circle of friends, there are only five who I’d call my close girlfriends. Yes, they occasionally drive me mad (as I’m sure I do them) but that’s probably because we’re such kindred spirits. They know when my life is frantic and all I want them to do is listen and agree with me while I unwind. We’re never lost for conversation – we laugh, we occasionally cry and I couldn’t be without them. That’s why throughout this issue women discuss why friendship is central to their lives. Isn’t it often the case that we have friends for different reasons? Ones who we turn to in a…

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w & h travel

• EXPERIENCES • TOURS • HOLIDAYS The new w&h travel service with bespoke holidays and unique experiences chosen for you THE NORTHERN LIGHTS See nature’s phenomenal light show on this once-in-a-lifetime cruise of Norway with Springwatch’s Michaela Strachan MAGIC OF MYANMAR Take our 12-day luxury tour of this enchanting country with 10 exclusive experiences included for a journey you’ll never forget SUNSHINE SPA Relax, unwind and recharge on a five-star wellness break personalised for you in Portugal’s Algarve…

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womanandhome.com must-see videos

FROM OUR COVER SHOOT Helen McCrory reveals the five things she’d tell her younger self. Watch it now at womanandhome.com/helenmccrory COURGETTES ARE BACK IN TOWN! Try one of our favourite recipes – courgette fritters for a light lunch or perfect with grilled lamb chops for a simple supper. See how now at womanandhome.com/fritters WE LOVE CHOCOLATE If you’re in our camp, learn to master the art of the chocolate fondant with our neat little video at womanandhome.com/fondant AND RELAX… with our stress-busting smoothie with superfood ingredients – takes seconds to blitz in a NutriBullet. Check it out at womanandhome.com/smoothie EDITORIAL COMPLAINTS We work hard to achieve the highest standards of editorial content, and we are committed to complying with the Editors’ Code of Practice (https://www.ipso.co.uk/IPSO/cop.html) as enforced by IPSO. If you have a complaint about our editorial content, you…

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all women today are pioneers

“Damian is my best friend. I love him to bits and I respect his opinion” Helen McCrory enters the w&h studio in a head-turning outfit of top-to-toe tartan. It’s a sartorial homage to her Glaswegian father who’s staying with her, a mix of “Vivienne Westwood and Topshop; punk-rock Scottish.” She’s been up since 6am managing the kids and walking the dog, but you’d never guess. A veritable ball of energy, Helen can’t wait to see the clothes rail as, she explains, “I have three premieres coming up and might find something for the red carpet.” This is an actress in demand. We’re here to talk about Fearless , the new ITV six-part political thriller written by Homeland writer and executive producer Patrick Harbinson in which Helen plays the lead, Emma Banville, a…

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keeping it real

Last time I took public transport? All the time! I don’t drive – it doesn’t bother me as I’m happy to take public transport. If I’m just sitting there with no make-up, curly hair, jeans and a T-shirt, you can see people doing triple takes wondering if they recognise me. It can take a while. Why I keep my hair short? I like it like that and it’s naturally curly, but I wear wigs for many of my parts, including Emma in Fearless . Ever been arrested? No – but almost. I was Interrailing around Europe and woke up in Innsbruck with “Das is verboten!” being shouted at me for sleeping in a park. But no one could be bothered to fill out the forms in the police station. Best present ever received?…

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“i have taken every opportunity that came my way and as we age that is a real cause for celebration”

We’re all too busy focusing on the future This year I will be 48 years old. Frankly it’s hard to know where the years have gone – decades, like the 90s, have passed in a blur. What a waste! In some ways the sense that I am now more than halfway through my life is gutting. It’s quite strange how age creeps up on you. One day you’re wearing a floaty Missoni dress looking fashionable and cool. The next you put it on and you look like you’ve been let out of the asylum for the day because you’re wandering around in your nightie! Specs have become a way of life and you finally realise that nothing in a jar is going to reverse the wrinkles. Overnight little mounds of fat appear on…