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red-hot revenge romance!

Together, Kyly and Michael Clarke seemed indestructible, with their combined star power placing them high on Australia’s A-list. But since their split earlier this year, it’s been a race to see who can climb back up the social ladder the fastest – and prove they’ve moved on from their marriage. The day after Michael, 39, and designer girlfriend Pip Edwards made their romance official at the Everest Cup Racing Carnival in Sydney, Kyly, also 39, pulled out all the stops to go public with her new beau, V8 star James Courtney, at the Bathurst 1000. “Kyly knew in the lead-up to Pip and Michael making their big appearance at the races that it would attract lots of attention and media,” a source close to the former WAG tells Woman’s Day. “She knew…

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aussie stars targeted by scientology!

Scientology has long been seen as a Hollywood-based religion, thanks to its legion of A-list actors who are among its most fervent disciples. In Australia, it has just 2000 official followers, but it still has its fair share of high-profile names who have been known to dabble in the alien-based beliefs of the church’s creator, the late science-fiction author L Ron Hubbard. Here, we take a look at the Aussie celebrities who have been linked to the church, which places a high importance on recruiting our biggest stars. Olivia Newton-John It’s widely reported in the US that Scientology stalwart John Travolta, 66 – who has claimed he has miracle healing powers through his faith – is leaning on his old friend Olivia, 72, as he copes with the recent passing of his…

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is bec set to replace shaynna?

Rebecca Judd is set to make a guest appearance on the show this week, and according to an on-set spy, producers were so impressed that they’re scrambling to find a permanent spot for the 37-year-old. “They thought she did an amazing job,” the source tells Woman’s Day. “She has already proven she can hold her own on several TV shows and she’d fit in quite seamlessly.” Bec’s appearance comes after reports Shaynna Blaze may walk away from The Block next year.…

3 min.
eden dally ‘being a father has changed me’

The physicality of SAS Australia is enough to turn anybody off, but perhaps even more demanding than the freezing cold and terrifying heights is its mental game. Speaking to Woman’s Day, former Love Island star Eden Dally says he was left “haunted” after a challenge that required him to climb over a thin rope suspended high above raging waters. “I do hate a sob story, but I witnessed a man drowning in the ocean,” the 28-year-old reveals. “I tried my best to save him, almost drowning myself, only to see that the young man couldn’t be revived. “I hadn’t ever seen a person die in front of me... that moment, over the rope... it brought back those horrible memories,” he adds of the gruelling challenge. It’s certainly a far cry from his time on…

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nicole’s explosive oj diaries!

It’s been 25 years since the world stopped when OJ Simpson walked away a free man from what was dubbed the “Trial of the Century”, after being tried for two counts of murder for his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, waiter Ron Goldman. And while the acquittal of the former NFL champion has remained one of the US justice system’s most divisive verdicts, a startling insight into the tumultuous relationship between Simpson and Nicole has been laid bare for the first time through heartbreaking diary entries found in the mother-of-two’s journal. The diary – which was found in a safe deposit box along with photos of her bruised face and apology letters from Simpson – details more than 60 occasions where the fallen sports star allegedly threw her against walls,…

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positive thinking

Immunity boost Research conducted by the University of Queensland in 2014 studied 50 adults between the ages of 65 and 90 over two years. The participants were shown positive and negative images, and were asked later to recall them. Those who could remember more positive images were in better health and had stronger immune systems. Healthy heart Having an optimistic outlook could actually lower your chances of developing coronary heart disease. Research by the University of Michigan in the US suggests that experiencing positive emotions could “undo” the effects that negative experiences have on the cardiovascular system.…