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Woman's World 3/27/2017

A great week made easy! Woman's World is written for the traditional, family-oriented working woman. Each issue delivers a feel-good mix of heart-warming human interest stories, practical everyday solutions for work and home, and mouth-watering recipes.

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nikki dinki’s buffalo cauliflower

• 1 medium head cauliflower, about 2 lbs.• 2 Tbs. olive oil• 1 1/2 tsp. kosher salt• 1/4 cup unsalted butter, cut into pieces• 1/4 tsp. Worcestershire sauce• 1/3 cup Frank’s Red-Hot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce• 1 Tbs. white vinegar• 1 cup very thinly sliced celery• 1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese • Preheat oven to 450°F. Break cauliflower into large florets; put in large bowl. Add oil and 1 tsp. salt; toss to coat. Spread cauliflower out evenly on rimmed baking sheet. Bake until tender and browned, 15-20 minutes. Return cauliflower to large bowl. Meanwhile, put butter, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, vinegar and remaining 1/2 tsp. salt in small pot. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until butter has melted and Buffalo sauce has come together, 2-3 minutes. Pour sauce over…

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what makes me happy !

“He’s the definition of a miracle!” This picture brings me pure joy whenever I see it. This is my sweet husband, Mike, having the time of his life at the Blue Hole in Jamaica. He survived a typically “unsurvivable” sudden cardiac arrest five years ago. Now this is him, climbing up a waterfall and jumping off cliffs while we were on a special cruise for our daughter’s 16th birthday. We’re so thankful every single day for him and his second chance at life. He’s the true definition of a miracle! Do you have a happy moment to share? E-mail a clear photo and description of it, along with your name, address, phone number and e-mail, to: Happiness@WomansWorldMag.com. Or mail it to: What Makes Me Happy, Woman’s World, 270 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs,…

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spring happiness is in bloom!

Whether you opt for a fragrant candle or a blossom-adorned mug, it’s easy to lift your spirits and brighten your day with these cheery springtime floral picks! Cut calories by 30%— without noticing! Chew every bite of food 35 times, and you’ll eat a third fewer calories! When Oxford University researchers asked women to chew forkfuls of pasta about twice as long as they normally would, the women unknowingly ate less—but felt just as satisfied afterward! Scientists suspect that chewing triggers the release of appetite-squashing hormones. The day you’re most likely to make an e-mail mistake! Have an important e-mail to send? Don’t send it on Monday! According to a new Boomerang Management study, you’re most likely to make serious grammar mistakes on Monday—and making grammar or capitalization mess-ups decreases the odds your message…

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it happened this week!

• The first major exhibit of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings took place in Paris in 1901, more than a decade after his death. Although he created almost 900 paintings, only one is known to have sold while he was alive, The Red Vineyard, which now hangs in a museum in Moscow! • Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter— was published in 1850. The first printing of the scandalous story of adultery among the Puritans sold out in 10 days, forcing additional printings and making it one of the first mass-produced books in America! • The “Queen of Disco,” Donna Summer , received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1992. While the late vocalist is known primarily for her musical talents, Summer was also an avid painter. In fact, her first…

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have fun this week!

Try a new twist on a chi ldhood favorite! Few things are as nostalgic as marshmallow cream—the gooey spread that pairs with peanut butter to make a “fluffernutter” sandwich or perfectly tops a sundae! And if you love the fluffy stuff, why not celebrate its 100th birthday with these fun recipes: No-Bake Marshmallow Pie: In bowl, beat 12 oz. cream cheese until smooth; add 1 (7 oz.) jar marshmallow cream, beat until smooth; add 1 (8 oz.) container Cool Whip; mix. Spoon in 1 cup finely chopped strawberries and zest of 1 lemon, mix until combined. Pour into 1 graham cracker crust, refrigerate until firm. Garnish with whipped cream and additional strawberries. Gourmet Fluffernutter: Spread peanut butter, marshmallow cream such as Marshmallow Fluff or Jet Puffed Marshmallow Crème and chocolate hazelnut spread on…

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read a powerful tale of friendship!

Starting Over on Blackberry Lane by Sheila Roberts. Stefanie, Griffin and Cass are three pals in need of one thing: a great handyman. Between Stefanie’s tool-challenged husband, recently single pal Griffin’s fixer-upper and empty-nester Cass’ leaky roof, the trio knows there’s only one thing to do when Grant Masters offers his fix-it skills at a charity auction: pool their money to bid on the handy hunk! And as Grant rebuilds their homes, the women are inspired to rebuild their lives . . . A Million Little Things by Susan Mallery. After a tough breakup, Zoe could really use someone to confide in. Trouble is her best friend, Jen, is too consumed with being a new mom to make time for anyone else. Feeling shut out, Zoe commiserates with Jen’s recently widowed…