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Woman's World July 22, 2019

A great week made easy! Woman's World is written for the traditional, family-oriented working woman. Each issue delivers a feel-good mix of heart-warming human interest stories, practical everyday solutions for work and home, and mouth-watering recipes.

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fill your week with smiles!

WEDNESDAY, JULY 24 NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY Give your day a little lift! Tequila gets a fun, fruity twist with this tasty cocktail created by Jesse Estes, author of Tequila Beyond Sunrise. “It’s got tequila, Champagne and raspberries,” he says. “What’s not to like?” To make Estes’ Primavera Punch: Add 3 ⁄4 oz. of raspberry syrup (like Monin Raspberry), 12 ⁄3 oz. of tequila (like Tequila Ocho Plata) and 3 ⁄4 oz. of fresh lime juice to an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake well, then strain into a glass filled with cubed ice. Fill glass to the top with Champagne or sparkling wine. Garnish with a mint sprig and raspberries, if desired. MONDAY, JULY 22 HAMMOCK DAY Really relax! If you’ve ever drifted off in a hammock, you know how wonderful it feels. And research from Switzerland explains…

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relax and have fun this week

MUSIC Enjoy new music from Justin Moore! Arkansas native Justin Moore is returning to his country roots with his fifth studio release, Late Nights and Longnecks, and it’s already being compared to albums by country greats Reba McEntire and George Strait! The first single, “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home,” is a tribute to fallen service members and first responders, while “That’s My Boy” is an ode to fatherhood and his 2-year-old son, Thomas. Want to see him live? He’s playing dates throughout the U.S. this summer! Check out JustinMooreMusic.com for information on dates and tickets. ACORN TV Thrill at the twists of The Poison Tree! There’s more to this story than meets the eye! After serving 12 years in prison for murdering his father and his sister’s boyfriend, Rex (The Crown’s Matthew…

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it happened this week!

• When Harry Met Sally debuted in 1989—Alberts Brooks and Susan Dey turned down the roles that went to Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. • Actress Sandra Bullock was born in 1964. Her mother was a German opera singer! • March of the Penguins premiered in 2005. It took a year to shoot enough footage for the Oscar-winning nature documentary. • Bert and Ernie made their first appearance in 1969 on the pilot of Sesame Street—they’re named after characters in It’s a Wonderful Life. • “Close to You” by The Carpenters was number one on the charts in 1970. The brother-sister duo’s first hit won them a Grammy!…

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this week’s best new books

Fiction CHICK LIT The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman This quirky, sweet story picks up just as introverted bookworm Nina Hill finds out two things: Her father, whom she never knew, has passed away, and she has a slew of new siblings, nieces and nephews who are all thrilled to meet her. Super-shy Nina doesn’t share their enthusiasm, but her boisterous new family may be what she needs to break out of her shell and start a courageous new chapter. HISTORICAL FICTION Dragonfly by Leila Meacham Set in German-occupied Paris during World War II, this captivating novel stars five young Americans who received mysterious letters asking them to “serve their country.” They agree, creating a secret group—code-named Dragonfly—that goes undercover to infiltrate Nazi ranks. But when one of them is captured, they begin to question…

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“lifting up others is guaranteed to make you feel like a queen!”

Pat Miller watched as her eldest daughter stepped to the edge of the stage, beaming as she introduced herself to a panel of judges. She looks radiant, Pat thought proudly, her mind swirling with memories of all the past beauty pageants her three daughters had participated in. As their coach, the Ohio native had been involved with every aspect of pageant life over the years, but what continued to impress her was how the girls’ self-confidence soared higher after each competition. I wish there were a pageant for older women who need that confidence boost too, she thought. As a working mother of three and wife to her husband, Doug, Pat felt very blessed, but she also knew how women often put their own dreams and needs on the back burner to…

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3 ways to love yourself—right now!

1 Count your blessings Try taking five minutes a day to jot down things you are thankful for on slips of paper and collect them in a homemade “blessings jar.” Then when you’re feeling blue, dip back into the jar to count your blessings: Studies show this daily reflection helps increase joy and self-love. 2 Practice loving kindness—to you! Showing yourself the compassion of a friend can help you love you! To do: Bring to mind a person you love deeply and focus on the positive feelings you have for them. Then imagine sending those feelings to yourself by thinking something like, May I be happy. May I feel loved. 3 Schedule some TLC Participating in a self-care activity that makes you feel refreshed and brings you joy—such as taking a bath, reading a book…