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Woman's World October 7, 2019

A great week made easy! Woman's World is written for the traditional, family-oriented working woman. Each issue delivers a feel-good mix of heart-warming human interest stories, practical everyday solutions for work and home, and mouth-watering recipes.

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fill your week with smiles!

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11 IT’S MY PARTY DAY Toast to a good time! Kick off the weekend by indulging in a fruity cocktail that’s perfect for any party—even a party of one! The green tea in this easy-to-make sip mixed up by the pros in the Woman’s World test kitchen balances out the tart and tangy fruit flavors. Cheers! To make a Tea-quila Cocktail: Muddle 4 mint leaves in a cocktail shaker; fill halfway with ice. Add 1½ oz. of tequila, 1½ oz. of chilled green tea, ½ oz. of orange juice, ¾ oz. of passion fruit juice and ¾ oz. of simple syrup. Shake well; strain into a tall glass. Garnish with mint leaves. OCTOBER 6–12 POSTCARD WEEK Send a smile! Show your love with a personalized postcard! Head to Canva.com to choose a layout, then…

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relax and have fun this week

TV: PBS See stars celebrate their history with Finding Your Roots! Go on an emotional journey through the past as celebrities uncover the surprising stories buried in their own family histories during the new season of Finding Your Roots, premiering October 8. Follow along as Harvard University scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. uses cutting-edge DNA research and old-school genealogical sleuthing to find long-buried secrets for stars like Laura Linney, Isabella Rossellini, Mia Farrow, Jeff Goldblum and Sterling K. Brown. Learn more at PBS.org/FindingYourRoots. TV: ABC Laugh along with Kids Say the Darndest Things! You never know what’s going to come out of a kid’s mouth—but it’s sure to be funny on this new reboot of the classic variety show with host Tiffany Haddish! Watch as the actress/comedian talks to kids of all ages who try…

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it happened this week!

● Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were married in 1996 just months after starting their first joint tour in which Faith opened for Tim! ● Hugh Jackman was born in 1968. Before discovering his love of acting, he planned to be a journalist. ● The Washington Monument opened to the public in 1888. It is the world’s tallest obelisk! ● The Phantom of the Opera premiered in London’s West End in 1986 and remains the world’s longest-running musical. ● The Late Show first aired in 1986—with the debut, Joan Rivers became the first woman to host a late-night talk-show series!…

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this week’s best new books

Fiction ROMANCE No Judgments by Meg Cabot Set on Florida’s beautiful Little Bridge Island, this sweet novel follows newly single animal lover Sabrina “Bree” Beckham, who’s heartsick over the pets left behind by residents evacuating for a hurricane. When the handsome Drew Hartwell offers to help her save the animals, she tries to ignore their intense chemistry, and just as the power is restored, her ex shows up. Now Bree must decide between her past and hope of the future. MAGICAL REALISM The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman In 1941 Berlin, Jewish mother Hanni Kohn is determined to protect her 12-year-old daughter, Lea, from the Nazi regime. She finds her way to a rabbi, but it’s actually his daughter, Ettie, who provides safety by bringing a mysterious creature—a golem named Ava—to life. Ava is…

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“sharing furry friends heals hearts in a most incredible way!”

Sunshine spilled into the barn on Loretta Hajovsky’s Texas farm as the 50-year-old made her way inside. She couldn’t help but smile as the three alpacas she and her husband, Gerard, had recently purchased greeted her with huffs and nuzzles of excitement. The couple had stopped at an alpaca farm to visit the fluffy llama-like creatures a few weeks earlier, and Loretta had completely fallen in love with their gentle natures and joyful dispositions… and knew that she had to get one of her own. “Hey, boys,” she cooed, petting them and gazing into their big brown eyes. Willie, Waylon and Tex huddled by her side, bringing a rush of peace she’d come to rely on. In fact, each day she spent with her new pets, she noticed she had fewer…

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3 health benefits of spending time with cute critters!

1 Relieves pain! “Interacting with pets or therapy animals increases the feel-good hormones that act as painkillers,” says neuroscientist Elena Blanco-Suárez, Ph.D. In fact, just a glance at a cute animal releases the “happy hormone,” oxytocin, which eases pain instantly! 2 Strengthens your heart! “Cuddling a furry friend lowers heart rate and cuts the risk of a heart attack by 40%!” says animal researcher and pet health coach Arden Moore. The key: “Petting with long, slow strokes from head to tail releases more of the endorphins that reduce blood pressure—relaxing you and your animal!” 3 Boosts your immunity! A study in the journal Scientific Reports found that being around animals builds up your resistance to germs and improves your immune system. The result: Pet owners have a higher level of antibodies that keep them healthier,…