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Women's Fitness Sculpt A Lean and Strong Body

Women's Fitness Sculpt A Lean and Strong Body

Women's Fitness Sculpt A Lean and Strong Body

Sculpt A Lean And Strong Body is your complete expert guide to getting your best ever body faster than you thought possible! Inside you’ll find your six-week training plan that will torch body fat - specifically from your arms, bottom and thighs - while also toning and defining your muscles to transform your body for a lean and strong look. There’s also a detailed nutrition guide to help you eat healthier without giving up the foods you love. In short, this book contains all the advice and insight you need to look, feel and perform better than ever!

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are you ready to start your journey?

Hello, and welcome to Sculpt A Lean And Strong Body, your complete guide to sculpting a slimmer and more toned and defined body in just six weeks! Inside this guide you’ll find all the expert exercise and eating information you need to start your better-body journey so you can make big changes to the way you look and feel right away. This book is designed to help you take some positive and sustainable steps towards better health, better fitness and more body confidence, as well as feeling motivated, positive and happier every day. That’s how training makes us feel and we want everyone who follows the plan in this book to start feeling the same benefits – because when you look and feel good, anything is possible! The best thing about following…

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fat loss and your body

Of all the many aspects of health and fitness, none is more complex and hotly debated than the best and quickest way to lose body fat. Indeed, ask 100 people for the right way to lose weight and you’ll probably get 100 different answers! However, the reality behind building a leaner body is far more simple than most people would have you believe. The best way to reduce your body fat level is to follow a two-pronged approach. First, you need to exercise more, specifically by following a highintensity training programme based around resistance exercises (which is when you do bodyweight moves, such as press-ups and squats, and dumbbell moves, such as shoulder presses and arm curls). That’s the exact approach we’ve used in this plan: all the workouts are circuits…

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workout faq

Q HOW DOES THIS PLAN WORK? A This plan is so easy to follow! There are four workouts a week for the next six weeks. Each workout is a six-exercise total-body circuit, which means you do all the moves in order, each for a set amount of time, and rest after finishing the sixth move. This highintensity approach will send your heart rate high and sculpt your muscles to quickly change your body for the better. The exercises change every two weeks to prevent your body getting used to the movements, so the results keep coming. Q WILL THIS PLAN WORK FOR ME? A Absolutely! The exercise plan has been designed to really challenge you and keep you progressing every session and every week, so that you’re always taking steps in the right direction. And the nutrition…

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the truth about food and fat loss

If you want a stonger, leaner, fitter and healthier body that looks and feels as good as possible – and we know you do, because that’s why you’re reading this right now! – then eating a diet that’s balanced, varied, simple and sustainable is just as important as following a consistent, challenging training plan. You may have heard the saying “you can’t outtrain a bad diet”, a phrase you should remember to remind you that the food you eat is incredibly important if you want to lose body fat and tone up your muscles as quickly as possible. So, exercise and eating must go hand-in-hand if you’re going to achieve the very best results possible. After all, you need to eat a healthy diet full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals not…

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the new rules of nutrition

1 Stop counting calories. The amount you eat is important, but the problem with calorie counting is that not all calories are created equal. Think of it this way: what’s the better option if you want to lose fat – 250 calories from two boiled eggs and half an avocado (containing good-quality protein and fats your body needs to function effectively) or 250 calories from a doughnut (almost all in the form of sugar, which your body really doesn’t need)? 2 Calories do matter, though, and here’s why: one gram of protein contains four calories, as does one gram of carbohydrates (a gram of fat has nine calories and a gram of alcohol seven, if you were wondering). So you can have 100g of carbs or 100g of protein and in…

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your lean and strong body plan

Over the next six weeks you are going to be amazed by how quickly your body shape changes for the better once you start following the exercise plan that begins on p18. Here’s how it works and what you have to do. Each week has four workouts – or circuits – and each is made up of six different exercises (some using your bodyweight, some using a pair of dumbbells) that you do in order, without rest in between. You only rest after the final move. You’ll do each move for a set amount of time, then rest for a set amount of time after the last move, and do a set amount of circuits. You’ll find the exact details on the page with each circuit. The best approach is to do…