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Women's Health Australia

February 2020

Whether you want to lose a couple of kilos, boost your fitness, eat well or get more out of your life and relationships, Women's Health's experts will help you look and feel your absolute best – because it's good to be you (we're just here to cheer you on).

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cheers to the ny

And not just a new year, but a new decade. To be honest, I’m buzzing about it. There’s something about 2020 that makes it feel like anything is possible. It could be the nice, round numbers. Or maybe it’s the chance to write your own rules, assess what really matters (and align your values accordingly) or leap straight out of your comfort zone and finally attack something you’ve been dreaming of forever – whether that’s a new job, travelling the world or staring fear in the face and doing a complete life U-turn. Whatever happens to be sitting at the top of your 2020 wish list, you’ll find everything you need to create your healthiest, fittest and most personally fulfilling year yet inside this issue. For starters? Fire up your…

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women's health australia

Jacqui Mooney Editor Lizza Gebilagin Deputy Editor Adam Williams Creative Director Lisa Balemi-Hughes Art Director Alex Davies Features Editor Harriet Sim Editorial Coordinator/ Junior Writer Kate Fraser Head of Pictures – Fashion & Health Erin Docherty Beauty Editor Penny Carroll Contributing Writer Iantha Yu Contributing Beauty Writer Lauren Williamson Digital Content Manager – Health Lucy Bode Digital Content Editor Clarissa Wilson Brand Solutions Director Jessica Lay Brand Solutions Manager Sam Maguire Brand Solutions Executive Allan Webster Print Advertising Operations Manager Fran Vavallo Vic Sales Director Angela Coley Qld Sales Director Andrew Cameron Executive Creative Director Courtenay McDermott Senior Marketing Manager – Health Ellie Fletcher Marketing and Events Executive Valeriya Chemerkina Business Analyst – Health Adam Blount Head of Consumer and Retail Brendan O’Donnell National Business Manager – Retail Robert McIntosh Circulation Manager Pre-Media Solutions Digital Imaging Mark Jones Production Controller Daniel Moore, Chrystal Glassman Copy Directors Gereurd Roberts Chief Executive Officer Guy Torre Chief Financial Officer Louisa Hatfield Group Content…

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ask women’s health

THE BIG QUESTION I think vitamins are blocking me up. Is this a thing? Answer If you like big supps and you cannot lie, you might be feeling a bit baby got back(ed up). So what gives? “There are certain minerals that can raise your chances of abdominal upset, including bloating, cramps and constipation,” explains dietitian Alana MacDonald. The main culprits? Calcium and iron supplements. “Iron is quite harsh on your digestive system, so this can cause constipation,” adds MacDonald. “And calcium can cause the muscles on the wall of your colon to contract, making it harder to pass a stool.” Don’t take these? Check the label on your multivit, as it might be packing iron (if so, try changing to one without). Otherwise, it might be that you’re relying on your…

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feel the peel

Forget what you’ve heard – it’s what’s on the outside that counts. Well, at least when it comes to fruit and veg. Compared with the flesh, the skins often pack more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. So, where you can, skip the peeler to make that delicious produce infinitely healthier. When the outsides aren’t edible fresh (oranges, we’re looking at you), mix up your snack stash with the dehydrated kind. Brands such as Gin Gin & Dry offer skin-on orange, lime and even kiwi slices. Don’t go OTT (dried fruit is easy to overeat), but it’s a change from that bag of nuts, right?…

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gym hack! get a lift mate

Lonely lifter? Never again! The mere sight of a spotter (a friend or trainer who follows the path of your weights with their hands, ready to jump in if you need help) can boost your performance and make the exercise feel easier, as their presence amps up your confidence. SOURCE: EDGE HILL UNIVERSITY, UK STEADY AS SHE FLOWS Turns out your susceptibility to injury varies according to your menstrual cycle. The England hockey team ladies have been tracking their periods, and their findings back up research suggesting that soft-tissue injury is more likely during the build-up to ovulation. Take heed and allow extra time for your warm-up and recovery during the week of – and after – your period. 160 TALK ABOUT HEALTHY COMPETITION. THIS IS HOW MANY MORE KILOMETRES A GROUP LOGGED OVER…

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get barred

Forget the amber block of Pears from your nanna’s bathroom sink (ah, the nostalgia!). Bars are the latest thing in eco beauty – and they’re gaining serious momentum. Rich in natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, these guys are not only good for your skin and hair, but also the environment. While water makes up about 70 to 80 per cent of most skincare (see that ingredients list? It’s typically the first thing on there), these bars are mega concentrated, meaning they not only last longer but also nix water wastage. They usually come in eco-friendly packaging, too. Jump in with this lot. PLEASE EXPLAIN PM10 Bad news: air pollution could put your locks at risk. Testing the effect of dust and fuel particles (known as PM10) on human scalp cells, researchers found that…