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Women's Health Australia January 2020

Women’s Health Australia's mission is to help Aussie women feel happier and healthier (every single day!) with the ideal mix of fitness, food, nutrition, mindfulness, wellness, fitspo fashion and beauty, plus so much more.

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how “diet” became the dirtiest word in wellness

A funny thing has happened on Instagram lately. Mouth-watering images of doughnuts, piled high and dripping with icing or artfully composed on a pastel background, have started crowding out the green smoothies and acai bowls that previously populated our feeds. You know the ones: they come with rousing advice to eat the darn thing and not give a damn. And, even more puzzling: you may spot them in the same accounts that once spruiked kale salads and plant-based brownies. It’s wellness, but not as you know it. This is the anti-diet movement, a liberating take on health that encourages its followers to stop demonising food and idealising weight loss. It might feel like a revolution but it’s not really new. Anti-diet culture, informed largely by radical feminism and the fat-acceptance movement…

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ask wh

THE BIG QUESTION I love an iced coffee in summer. How do I keep it healthy? Answer Coffee + ice = a match made in beverage heaven. But order one at a cafe and it’s likely to come piled high with ice-cream and whipped cream. “This adds to the fat and sugar load and won’t be good for your waistline or heart health,” says dietitian Joel Feren. “I’m all for the occasional treat or ‘sometimes food’, but, a much better option is to simply stick to the basics. That is, coffee, milk and ice – it’s a winner from every angle!” Every cafe will have its own recipe, Feren adds, so make it clear you’re after your regular coffee order on ice, and watch out for flavoured versions spiked with sugary syrups.…

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smart and sweet

Psst: white sugar isn’t doing you any favours (it can raise your risk for heart disease and cause your blood sugar to spike, then crash). But the idea of a life without? Thank you, next. So, go natural with one of these options – they have less fructose and more nutritional benefits. Sweet! Date syrup Full of fibre (thanks to its origins as a rich fruit), it also offers inflammation-fighting and mood-lifting health perks. Add a dash of it to ease up spicy dishes. Coconut sugar Sub in 1 cup of these caramel-coloured crystals for 1 cup of white sugar to whip up baked goods that promote a happy tum, courtesy of the good bacteria from coconut’s star fibre, inulin. Honey Its heart-healthy antioxidant and antibacterial properties (which make it great for soothing sore throats) are…

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wtf is asmr?

One very nontraditional health fix you def won’t find on any treatment list. In fact, the main place you will find ASMR is on YouTube. And millions of people are turning to it for help with sleep and stress issues, among other things. The acronym stands for ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’, and the videos involve people speaking softly or even moving a make-up brush across a microphone. The Q is: why, though? Well, ASMR is a sensation triggered by gentle sounds (whispering, crinkling, tapping), light touches or fluid movements that create a dreamy experience that can feel like tingles all over your body, says ASMR researcher Craig Richard. The whole viral movement has been described as an online, drug-free version of chill-out pills. If you think it sounds wacky (or maybe a…

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meet your new beach uniform

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pressure pointers

Meditation may be a strategy for stress relief, but it requires focus which, unless you practise on the reg, can be in short supply in crucial moments. If tuning in doesn’t work for you, tap into these techniques to quiet your mind. 1.Take an extreme shower Stay under super-cold or extra-steamy water for a minute or a few. The physical relief that comes after the uncomfy temps will shift your mind into a calmer state, too. 2.Try “willingness hands” Sit with your palms face-up on your lap, shoulders down, belly relaxed, feet flat on the floor. The position – one you’d never adopt if you were in danger – sends a safety signal throughout the body. Sit this way for as long as you need to quell the urge to react in a way…