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a time (and place) to chill

My kids got me addicted to the hiphop musical Hamilton, a biography of U.S. founding father Alexander Hamilton. His often-contentious personal and political life ended prematurely— spoiler alert—in a predawn duel with rival Aaron Burr (sir). When I first listened to the cast recording, I found myself surprised, and oddly comforted, that the political climate then wasn’t that different from today, 213 years after Hamilton’s death. Again, nerves seem to be close to the surface, and the tension spills over into everyday life. An advertiser runs the same “buy American-made” message they’ve run without complaint for years, and I get emails from offended Canadians. Even the apolitical posts on our woodworking-exclusive Facebook page sometimes draw disproportionate ire. We’re so blessed as woodworkers to have a hobby into which we can escape from…

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wood-wide web

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YOUR VOICE There’s gold in them thar back issues While reading issue 244 of WOOD® magazine (Dec/Jan 2016/2017), I was again reminded how it is the only woodworking publication that actually teaches you how to build things and provides detailed plans. (The 4-square Table and Chairs article is like having a coach by your side.) And it always has been. Case in point: The dust-collection hood we built for our radial-arm saw left a lot to be desired— because it also left a lot of dust everywhere—especially when pivoted off a 90° cut. In search of a better solution, I spent many hours on the internet Googling and searching YouTube and found only bigger, more cumbersome boxes. Coming up empty there, I went old-school, manually searching through my old copies of WOOD. That’s when…

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Send us a photo of your work Want to see your work showcased in WOOD¨ magazine? Send a high-resolution digital photo of your completed project to woodmail@woodmagazine.com.…

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You could say that Pete Lynah has had sawdust in his shoes since age 10 when his dad gave him and his brother a 50-lb keg of 6d common nails for Christmas. He’s since moved on from hammering together tree forts and go-karts to building small exotic-wood boxes, oval Shaker boxes, corner cabinets, dining tables, and cedarlined hope chests for his daughters. He built his first workshop more than 35 years ago, and after retiring he decided it was time for a shop upgrade. So he built a new one— essentially an upsize version of his previous space, right down to the tool layout. Pete framed, wired, and insulated a new 24×32' metal-clad pole building. The 3?4" plywood floor rests on pressure-treated 2×6 joists over a concrete slab. The joists provide…

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ask wood

Q Jig up a jigsaw for circles I don’t have a bandsaw or router, but need to cut a circular tabletop. Can I outfit my jigsaw with a trammel to do the job? A Although a jigsaw wouldn’t be our first choice for cutting circles, Brian, it can be done. Begin by making an auxiliary base from 1?4" hardboard. Align the edge of the saw’s foot with one end of the hardboard and cut a slot for the blade. (We got good results cutting circles with a 10-tooth-perinch blade.) Then attach the saw with screws, if your base has them, or double-faced tape if it doesn’t. Mark a line on the bottom face of the base parallel to the edge and aligned with the blade teeth. Measure from the inside edge of the…