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simon says...

On my old tablesaw, the insert won’t take a 3⁄4" dado stack, and the factory insert is so thin, I can’t replace it with a zeroclearance insert, so a tablesaw is probably what I’ll buy next.” I could have heard talk like that from just about any seasoned woodworker. In fact, that statement came from Simon Carlson, who has about a dozen years of experience. At life; not woodworking. See, Simon is only 13 years old. The woodworking bug bit him hard a couple of years ago when he decided to build a carpetball table (think table shuffleboard, but with billiard balls) like the one he’d played on at summer camp. That’s when he figured out “that I really like making stuff.” Turns out he’s good at it, too: His project earned…

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real-deal tool reviews!

What’s better than WOOD magazine’s tool reviews? Your reviews right next to WOOD magazine’s tool reviews. Give your fellow woodworkers a headsup by telling them your real-world, real-woodworker experience with your tools. Or, if you’re in the market for a tool, stop here first. You’ll find the real poop from the hardworking gals and guys putting tools through their paces in actual woodworking shops. woodmagazine.com/review DON’T SEE YOUR PRODUCT? ADD IT. ...by using this overly self-explanatory button: Then, simply add an image, brand, category, and a little info. You can even review your underwear. Seriously. There’s a category for that:…

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one good turn deserves another

My dad taught me woodworking starting around 6 years old. I have so many fond memories of working with him in his shop as I grew up and learning so much from him, and I’m still an avid woodworker. Before he passed away two days shy of his 82nd birthday, my father told me he wanted me to have his lathe—the one on which he taught me to turn. It was pretty beat up, having been manufactured in 1938 and seen a lot of use. So, I built a new stand for it using the original cabinet’s metal frame, and added a new top and drawer unit from red oak and walnut, as you can see in this photo. The lathe itself I had professionally sandblasted and powder coated, and replaced…

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ask wood

YOUR QUESTIONS QDon’t skimp on your last line of dust defense Since I installed ceiling-mounted air-filtration units to supplement the cyclone dust collector piped to my machines, the shop has never been so clean! Should I still wear a dust mask? If so, what kind? A Even the best dust-collection equipment can’t keep all superfine dust—the stuff most harmful to your lungs—completely out of the air, Pat. So, you’ll still need an effective personal respiratory-protection device. Choose from these three types: ▸ paper or cloth masks. You’ll find an array of these available, including disposable ones costing pennies apiece. Better masks include double straps, and valves for easier breathing, but none fit airtight to your face. So fine dust particles can still sneak in around the edges. These masks provide no protection from solvent fumes. ▸…

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shop tips

TOP SHOP TIP Clamp Corners With Confidence Although you can purchase similar commercial clamps, this shop-made corner clamp works just as well, can be sized to your needs, and costs little to make. It holds box sides or frame members at exactly 90° as your adhesive sets or while you add fasteners such as dowels or pin nails. First, cut the base and blocks as shown. I use MDF and plywood scraps. Drill a hole into the outside blocks to accommodate a furniture leg-leveling glide (no. 78072, $2.97 from Lowe’s, lowes.com). Use a hacksaw to cut a slot in the threaded end of the glide, as shown. Then, press a T-nut into each hole, and add a hex nut to each glide before threading the glides into the T-nuts. Now mark square alignment…

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everybody will want their hands on one

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