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hood and hammer

Last May, our son Colby did something that no one in my family had ever done: He earned his Master’s degree, officially in “postsecondary education: student affairs.” Basically it means that, after spending seven years in college, his career will be spent… well… working at a college. Honestly, Annette and I couldn’t be more proud. Before he graduated, Colby gifted me with this hammer, into which he’d woodburned his gratitude. (Annette received a similarly adorned flower pot with his thanks “for helping me grow.”) The hammer hangs by my office door as a daily reminder that we always need to build—and grow—our skills, regardless of how much we know, or how much we think we know; and regardless of our age. The point was hammered home at our annual Weekend With WOODTM…

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wood-wide web

Are this issue’s five brand-new Shop Tips (page 16) not quite enough to hold you until next issue? Point your browser to woodmagazine.com/shoptips for 1,500 more. Bring snacks; this will take a while.…

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your voice

Compact bench a perfect fit Thanks for the Compact Workbench plans in issue 252 (March 2018). When I received the issue, I owned just a worktable, and I was searching for an affordable vise, as well. The vise and Wonderpup are good buys! Rather than rip the 2x8 boards down to 5½” wide, I just ripped the rounded edges off, making my bench 6” wider than yours. While it certainly adds some weight, the wider legs also make this bench feel very sturdy. I wanted my bench to have a rustic or reclaimed look, so I only lightly sanded with some low grit and then stained with Minwax Puritan Pine, which turned out just how I had hoped it would. Thanks again! —Tim McFarlin Greensboro, N.C. Peter’s first airborne My son, Peter, and I had a blast building…

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your projects

In this issue, we’re featuring projects built by attendees of Weekend With WOODTM 2018, our annual educational event for woodworkers. The conference, which is held at WOOD¨ magazine headquarters each May, is open to all skill levels. Send us a photo of your work Want to see your work showcased in WOOD¨ magazine? Send a high-resolution digital photo of your completed project to woodmail@woodmagazine.com.…

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your shop

Community Service Broomfield, a community of 67,000 near Denver, possesses a unique woodshop. At first glance you might think it could be anyone’s garage or basement setup. But this shop occupies a room in the city’s Community Center and is open for use by anyone in the city. The shop began more than 30 years ago with five local woodworkers who donated their time and tools. Any profits they made from the pieces they built were put right back into the shop in the form of tools and supplies. It wasn’t long before the city recognized the benefits of a community shop. Broomfield includes the shop’s upkeep in the city budget and in return, woodworkers contribute many projects to the local library, board of elections, veteran’s museum, and police headquarters. Volunteers using the shop…

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your questions

Q Clearing the air on foggy eye-safety wear I value my eyesight too much to not wear safety glasses, goggles, or a face shield in the shop. But fogging on the lenses drives me to distraction, especially when wearing a dust mask. Do you have any recommendations for keeping the fog at bay? —Mark Finnegan, Park City, Kan. A Depending on the severity of the fogging, Mark, your solution may be as simple as buying eyewear with an anti-fog lens coating. Or switching to eyewear that has greater venting, or goggles that move the lenses farther from your face, allowing for better air circulation. Using a fan to keep the air moving around you can also help. If those practices don’t provide relief, try applying an anti-fog treatment, like those below left. In our…