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Yours is the UK’s best-selling fortnightly lifestyle magazine for women over 50. We offer targeted, trusted and useful advice, whether it’s to help readers look their best, to stay healthy and active, enjoy their free time or to manage their money better. We celebrate 50-plus women overcoming difficulties or achieving amazing things. We like to look back with our readers and listen to their views too.

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As part of my self-imposed challenge to try 50 new things this year, I have travelled around visiting places across the country – and time and again I’ve been struck by the beauty and variety on offer right here in Blighty. As part of our Fit Mind 50 campaign we’re encouraging readers to join me and pledge to try new things as the latest science-backed way to improve energy, mood and boost your memory. (To find out more and to join us, visit www.fitmind50.co.uk). This issue we’ve collected together all sorts of things that are great about Britain that you can add to your Fit Mind 50 list, from travel ideas on page 95 to some new British Mary Berry recipes (p58) and learning how to forecast the British weather (p46). See…

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the view from yours

MODERN-DAY MISGIVINGS Endless calls from unknown numbers, forgetting passwords and autocorrecting texts are just some of the most annoying inconveniences of modern life, according to a new study. The research found mobile phones were a big cause of our frustrations as were computer updates and dodgy internet connections. STRICTLY THE BEST Despite leaving Strictly Come Dancing three years ago, Len Goodman has been voted the all-time favourite panellist on the show. Len, who of course was head judge, waltzed to the top of a recent TV magazine poll, with Darcey Bussell coming in second and current judges Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood third and fourth. SEVENTIES FASHIONS RULE OK! Many of us may look back at the Seventies and wonder how we could have loved those flared trousers and platform shoes! But the decade that…

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the golden season

Experts say this autumn is set to be one of the most colourful for years. And so far it’s living up to the expectations, with glorious russet tones, orange hues and delicate golds transforming landscapes across the UK. Forestry England says a wetter than average June followed by a warm and sunny July have helped create the perfect conditions for a vibrant autumn in our woodlands, forests, parks and hills. Trees need sunlight and rain in equal measure to produce the high levels of sugar needed to create the colour in their leaves. And Forestry England is also predicting a bumper crop of wildlife-friendly fruit and nuts in woodlands to help our native species. So let’s grab our walking shoes and get out and about to enjoy the colour show which lasts until…

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star letter

‘Music channel has changed my life’ ✒ I listen to music on my iPad and, quite by accident, discovered something called Playing For Change. And it really has changed my life! It is on YouTube and was a movement set up by Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, to inspire and connect the world through music. Some players are buskers, and there are lots of children as well as more recognisable names such as David Crosby from Crosby, Stills and Nash. It really lifts my spirits. I keep post-it notes in my handbag and give them to everyone I meet who loves music. I was in a coffee shop recently and met two Rastafarians. They couldn’t speak English, so I typed the details on to their smartphones. One of them gave…

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meeting place

Soap memories ✒ I write regarding a recent Yours article on bars of soap that brought back fond memories of growing up on a new council estate in the Fifties. I can remember calling for friends and recall vividly the different soap smells associated with different households: Palmolive, Knights Castile, Imperial Leather, Cameo, to name but a few. But my all-time favourite was Lifebuoy Carbolic, used by our family for years. It conjures up so many happy times. I still use Lifebuoy and I like to visit Beamish Museum, a wonderful place, that still sells carbolic soap. Heaven! Gina Bianchi, Teesside Where are the coins? ✒ I can identify with a recent letter from Erika Baron on how difficult it is to use cheques for payments now. Another problem I have is getting coins…

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small talk

✒ I always say to my granddaughter to keep her eyes peeled when we are looking for something. Recently, I asked her to help me find my spectacle case and she responded, ‘Don’t worry Nana, I’ve got my oranges peeled’. Bless her! Jean Milne, West Sussex ✒ My seven-year-old grandson, Marley, was asked by his elder brother when he finishes school. Quick as a flash, Marley replied, “Every day”. We did laugh. Mrs S Ferguson, Wilts ✒ I love this photo of my lovely great-granddaughter Isabella (2), taken on a recent visit. The tortoise ornament kept her amused all afternoon! Frances Greenhalgh, Staffs…