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Yours is the UK’s best-selling fortnightly lifestyle magazine for women over 50. We offer targeted, trusted and useful advice, whether it’s to help readers look their best, to stay healthy and active, enjoy their free time or to manage their money better. We celebrate 50-plus women overcoming difficulties or achieving amazing things. We like to look back with our readers and listen to their views too.

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This week I’ll proudly be attending my daughter’s graduation and I’ll no doubt shed a few tears as she formally collects her Performing Arts degree. It takes me back to her first foray into acting – playing camel No.3 in her school nativity play. I cried with pride then too! Some of my favourite Christmas memories over the years have been watching my daughter, or my nieces and nephews, in nativity plays and carol concerts. There’s something incredibly touching about watching little ones telling the Christmas story with such conviction and a chorus of small voices singing Away In A Manger will have me welling up every time! On p120 readers share their nativity memories. In this bumper double issue we’ve also packed 32 pages of extra puzzles (p67) and 16 exciting…

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the view from yours

NEW TREAT FOR DORIS FANS An album of lost recordings made by Doris Day in the Forties has been revived by a man for whom she babysat when she was a budding star. Les Brown Jr, the son of Doris’s former band leader, has combined the recordings, broadcast once on radio but unreleased on record, with his father’s orchestra. The result – titled Doris Day, With Love – will be released on November 29, nearly 80 years after the original recording sessions. A perfect gift for Doris fans. For more details visit www.sleepynight-shop.com HAVE YOURSELF A COSY LITTLE CHRISTMAS There’s a new buzzword for the winter that’s all about getting cosy. Following on from Danish ‘hygge’, the Swedish term ‘mys’, pronounced ‘mees’, is set to become the next cosy trend. It’s about getting close to…

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get set for a frozen frenzy

It’s been six years since Disney first transported the world to the magical frosty world of Arendelle and told us all to ‘let it go’ in one of the most successful family films of the 21st Century. Frozen made a staggering £935 million globally when it came to cinema screens in 2013. Now there’s a sequel that’s expected to be just as popular as the first one and have children – and adults – obsessed with the snow queen once more. The first film introduced us to Elsa, the princess with magical powers that allow her to create ice and snow, but not always for good. And in the second instalment Elsa heads off on a dangerous journey with her sister Anna and friends Olaf, Sven and Kristoff, to discover why she…

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other classic favourites we love…

They might not necessarily be about Christmas, but we still think there’s nothing better than settling down to watch these Disney classics when you’ve got a tummy full of mince pies. Cinderella It may have been released in 1950, but this much-loved Disney treasure has more than stood the test of time with every generation falling in love with the rags to riches tale that saw us all holding out for our very own Prince Charming. And here’s a fact for the grandchildren – at the grand old age of 20, Cinderella is considered to be the oldest of all the Disney Princesses! Sleeping Beauty It took more than six years to make, but this 1959 gem with its dreamy love story was worth the wait and was such a success it…

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star letter

‘I’ve been inspired by FitMind50!’ ✒ What a difference getting involved in the Yours FitMind50 campaign (a challenge to try 50 new things with no time limit) has already had on my wellbeing! Having celebrated my 50th birthday in March, it’s come at the perfect time for me – 50 new things to try. My list is growing and what fun it has been just to compile it. Over the past few weeks I’ve visited a local country park, one which I can see from my house but have never been to. I’ve joined a library, been to the circus and my partner and I have just booked tickets to see our first pantomime together – oh yes we have! Debbie Milanowska, Nottingham Our star letter will receive a stunning The Elegant…

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meeting place

Jumper alternative ✒ Last December I was struggling to justify spending the money on a Christmas jumper for our NHS Christmas Jumper Day that I would only wear once, so I had a t-shirt printed with ‘My Christmas jumper fund went to the Salvation Army!’ I felt it was a great way to raise money for this notable cause and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas at the same time. Karen Taylor, Dorchester Homemade Christmas ✒ I love home-made Christmas decorations and presents so look in charity shops to find books like the one pictured. They are a great source of unique gifts for family and friends. Beccy Gross, Devon Yours says: The book was originally published in 1993 but is still available to order online Santa plea ✒ This Christmas sign sums up my grandchildren! R Griffin, Bristol Made…