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Yours is the UK’s best-selling fortnightly lifestyle magazine for women over 50. We offer targeted, trusted and useful advice, whether it’s to help readers look their best, to stay healthy and active, enjoy their free time or to manage their money better. We celebrate 50-plus women overcoming difficulties or achieving amazing things. We like to look back with our readers and listen to their views too.

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Christmas is going to be strange for us this year. A family bereavement, another family member in a care home and our lovely daughter moving out all mean the festive routine we’ve followed for more than 15 years simply can’t happen this year. I know that change is a natural part of life; nothing stays the same forever and families are no different. But I wish I’d known that last Christmas would be the final one we’d spend together in that way. I like to think I’d have made every effort to appreciate it more. We will adapt and make new traditions that suit the new shape of our family, in the same way as I know many of you have had to. Whatever you’re up to this year – whether the…

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the view from yours

What’s all the fuss about? Kylie’s colour spectacular Kylie Minogue looked sensational at the recent premiere of the new feel-good festive film Last Christmas. The 51-year-old Aussie pop star stunned in a magenta pink frock. NEW PRESENT TREND If you’ve already had enough of Christmas shopping and sorting presents then don’t read on! Now it’s not just Christmas Day to cover but Christmas Eve too. A new trend taking off across the nation is giving a small box of gifts to a loved one on December 24, such as pyjamas, a classic Christmas film or some hot chocolate! The joys of jam roly-poly Jam roly-poly has topped a list of school dinner favourites for the over-50s. Nearly six in ten of us say the dessert was our number one for afters in the poll conducted by…

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the light fantastic

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – and that’s definitely the case at stately homes and gardens across the UK. For, as the countdown begins to the big day, more and more are putting on mesmerising light spectaculars and jaw-dropping illuminations. Perfect for getting us into the festive spirit, here we look at some of the most impressive illuminations bringing some sparkle to Christmas… At Glow Wild 2019 at Wakehurst in West Sussex, you’ll find the UK’s tallest living Christmas tree – a giant redwood standing at around 110ft tall that’s decorated with more than 1,800 lights Did you know? First decorated outside Wakehurst’s Elizabethan mansion 26 years ago, rumour has it this tree is so tall it’s even used as a beacon for planes landing at nearby Gatwick Airport The Blenheim Palace…

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star letter

Celebrate our youngsters ✒I am a widow aged 84 and would like to speak up for the many wonderful young people we hear little about. Our newspapers often focus on young people who are not doing good things but there are so many lovely ones we never hear anything about. I am not very mobile but when I go out it is so often youngsters who offer to help me, for example to carry my shopping bags to the car and check I’m OK. I say ‘thank you, young people’ and let’s hear more positive stories. Margaret Bentley, Cheshire • Our star letter will receive The Elegant Rose and Freesia bouquet with chocolates from our friends at Flying Flowers. To order with free delivery call 0333 003 0858 or visit www.flyingflowers.co.uk…

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meeting place

Vanishing words ✒ My husband and I were recently enjoying a break in the New Forest. Sitting in the car watching the ponies, we started reminiscing about words not used very much these days. We came up with a few… scullery, frock, slacks, parlour, kerfuffle, dollop, cheerio, antimacassar, snazzy and frowsty! Perhaps readers can think of more? Lynda Walker, Northants Weather memories ✒ We recently had tremendous thunder and lightning storms. It reminded me of when I was a child and there was a storm my mum would cover up anything shiny, such as cutlery, in case it attracted the lightning. Do any other readers remember that being done? Olive Parry, Coventry Frustrations shared ✒ I couldn’t agree more with Georgina Waller’s letter about titles and credits on TV moving too fast to be read. I thought…

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fashion we wore

We’d love to see your snapshots from the Fifties, Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. Send your photos, marked Fashion We Wore, to the address on page 8, along with your name, address and a 50-word description of your outfit. 1952: Here is a photo of me with my mother and grandmother on a day out. We all look very smart in our dress coats. I don’t look very happy though – probably because I was made to wear that hat! Helen Philipson, Cheshire 1953: Here is an old snap of me wearing this New Look dark brown coat. I loved it! I was just 18 years old at the time and had sent this photo to my husband-to-be who was in Cyprus doing his national service. Shirley Croft, Cambridgeshire…