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Yours is the UK’s best-selling fortnightly lifestyle magazine for women over 50. We offer targeted, trusted and useful advice, whether it’s to help readers look their best, to stay healthy and active, enjoy their free time or to manage their money better. We celebrate 50-plus women overcoming difficulties or achieving amazing things. We like to look back with our readers and listen to their views too.

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welcome ...

It’s all too easy to allow ourselves to be swamped by the many negatives in the current crisis. It is possible, though, to refocus on the positives. At the beginning of lockdown someone said to me instead of thinking ‘I’m stuck at home’, think ‘I’m safe at home’. It’s a small mindset shift but makes a big difference to how you feel about the situation. Reading this issue, I’ve been struck by the many positive things that wouldn’t have happened without Covid. Fay Ripley tells us about the power of neighbours pulling together (p12) and Chris Packham explains how decreased pollution is helping nature (p26). I love the way organisations are coming up with new technology initiatives, too. Read about Virtual Village Halls (p51) and how you can travel the world…

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baked with love

As part of FitMind50 we’re setting you a series of just-for-fun mini challenges. For this month, we’re asking readers to bake something new and send us a photo. We know many people have turned to baking during lockdown as a way to pass the time or to share with loved ones. Personally, I’m a terrible baker but even I’ve had a go! We want to know what NEW recipes you have tried. You can’t send us the bakes but we do want to see your baking triumphs (and failures). To enter... ...simply send us the recipe and a picture of your bake by email to: yours@bauermedia. co.uk marked ‘FM50 Baking’ or post to the usual Yours address. The best entries will be featured in a future issue of Yours magazine.…

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the view from yours

A nation of crafters Britain is in the grip of the biggest crafting revolution since the Second World War, as we seek comfort from sewing, knitting and crochet in these strange times. John Lewis has reported a huge hike in haberdashery sales, while Hobbycraft says the number of people looking for inspiration on its website has tripled. Blue sky delight The sky is a deeper shade of blue this year – because of reduced air pollution. Scientists say pollution causes the sky to look paler but because of reduced human activity, this year’s skies are the clearest they’ve been for years. Bring out your binoculars Do you have a pair of old or unwanted binoculars gathering dust in a drawer? Send them to the RSPB! The charity plans to make good use of them in…

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right royal hobbies!

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, confessed recently she has been taking ballet lessons to keep fit since 2018. Camilla (72) has become a cheerleader for Silver Swans, ballet classes aimed at the over-55s, designed to impove core strength, balance and flexibility. In normal times she joins together with three ‘ancient’ friends to do the classes. “We might groan a bit afterwards, huff and grunt. But you do feel so much better. It’s fun.” Prince William has a passion for motorbikes – although his wife Kate isn’t all that keen! While the Prince’s Ducati is said to be his prized possession, Kate insists she’ll never let son George near it and is “terrified” by her husband’s daredevil streak. The Queen has always had a great fondness for animals so it’s no surprise they’ve…

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star letter

• Our star letter will receive a stunning The Elegant Rose and Freesia bouquet with chocolates from our friends at Flying Flowers. To place your order with free delivery call 0333 003 0858 or visit www.flyingflowers.co.uk TV phone call was just the tonic! ✒ One of the things I miss, being retired and living on my own, is catching up with friends and family, particularly at this difficult time. One of my friends loves sewing but had never seen the BBC programme, the Great British Sewing Bee, so I recommended it to her. She also lives on her own and said I needed to remind her – then I had a better idea and suggested we watch it together, which we did. I rang her as the programme began, then we both put…

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meeting place

Yorkshire pud dessert ✒ Having noticed that many recipes have a long list of ingredients which at present we probably don’t have in stock, I remembered one of my mother’s old recipes. When she made a Yorkshire pudding batter that was too much for one or two people she would add a small amount of sugar and a handful of dried fruit to half the mixture. It was cooked in the same way as the Yorkshire pudding but made a delicious and cheap dessert. Mum called it Stirred Batter. Aileen Collins, Herts Small print nightmare ✒ Regarding a recent letter from Monica Hallam about instructions being in such small print, we couldn’t agree more. Hardly a day goes by without us having to grab the magnifying glass to decipher small print on so many…