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Australian Geographic Explorers

Australian Geographic Explorers

Issue 1

Australian Geographic Explorers is a magazine for kids up to 12 years old, with curious minds who love our amazing planet and all its animals. Each issue is filled with in-depth features with real-life earth heroes, science, our incredible indigenous culture, the latest news and of course our one-of-a-kind Aussie wildlife.

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Author Q+A Author, artist and school teacher Jasmine Seymour is a Darug woman from the Hawkesbury area of NSW. She wrote Cooee Mittigar, illustrated Family, which shares the importance of family in Aboriginal culture, and is the author and artist of Baby Business, about a ceremony to welcome a baby to Country. Favourite Australian animal? Sooo hard! I adore the buru, the kangaroo, but I am really a bird woman and my favourite currently is the gang gang, a cockatoo. Any scary animal experiences? Many times in the bush at the back of my nana’s place I would come across a red-bellied black snake and nearly tread on it. Very scary! Do you have a favourite flower? My flowers are the waratah and flannel flower, which are blooming on Darug country right now. How can we connect to…

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day in the life of an illustrator

Michael Payne is an illustrator for Australian Geographic magazine, works on advertising campaigns, is exhibited in museums – and even designed the $10 note. This is his routine… 1 Michael gets up early each day, as the sun rises – this can be as early as 5:30am. 2 Each morning he takes a brisk 4km walk along the coastal sandstone cliffs near his home, called the Artists’ Coast by the locals. 3 He has breakfast with his wife Pamela around 8am, usually wood-fired sourdough or potato bread with honey or jam. 4 From 9am, Michael works on his various art projects. The days of a busy art studio are gone, now everything is done digitally and remotely. 5 He usually skips lunch as he gets so engrossed in his work, but at noon he takes…

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hoang mai ta

All about Hoang Mai Ta Favourite colour: Light blue. Food to eat: I love Cao Lau – it is a special noodle soup from Hoi An. Hobby: I love swimming and drawing. Pet: Thor, our school dog. Favourite subject: I love science. What do you want to be when you grow up? An artist. Who is your hero? My father. What are you listening to? The song 7 Years by Lukas Graham. Favourite show? I love Tho Nguyen who does craft on YouTube. Describe your family? My family has four people in it – my mum and dad, and I have an older brother. He went to Australia last year for a month to study. Favourite place in your town and why? I love Old Town in my city, I ride my bicycle through it every afternoon. It is a really special…