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Australian Motorcyclist

Australian Motorcyclist

January 2020

"The brainchild of two of Australia’s best known motorcycle journalists – Peter “The Bear” Thoeming and Stuart Woodbury. Together The Bear and Stuart provide you with all of the latest and greatest motorcycles and especially all of the best places to travel on your motorcycle. Each month you get our regular Pub of the Month column, along with our two free pullout maps – the only motorcycle magazine in Australia to provide such a unique feature. On sale around the middle of each month and of course you can guarantee your copy each month by subscribing! Make sure you are part of the AMM motorcycling community and enjoy your motorcycle even more."

Australian Motorcyclist Magazine Pty Ltd.
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12 Issues


3 min.
editor speaks

Back in the groove I’LL start this month’s editorial saying, The Bear and Ralph got it easy the last month as they both got to go to EICMA to not only see all the latest and greatest two wheeled machines, but also all the pretty ladies that adorn a lot of these machines – half their luck! All while I stayed to do the ‘work’. I recently raced at the final round of the Australian Superbike Championship in the Superbike Masters support class at Sydney Motorsport Park. The plan was for me to sort out the handling on The Beast (our ’89 FZR1000) as Alex has always liked how I set up a bike and it was time to get the handling as we want it. The plan started well, after the…

5 min.

THE BEST THING, EVER You know, in this world of dramatisation, bullshit and Nanny Stateism you have to be thankful there is one thing that can keep you sane, and that’s reading Australian Motorcyclist magazine. Forget watching the world destruct on the news or reading the sad and soggy fish n chip wrapper the newspapers have become, the best way to start your day while eating your breakfast (and for some) even while sitting on the porcelain throne, or eating lunch and as the perfect after diner mint, AMM is THE way to go. It’s not too late to get yourself the perfect Xmas gift or for that someone really special who just loves the best motorcycle mag in the country. Jump on our website (ausmotorcyclist.com. au) now to subscribe or…

7 min.
yamaha ténéré 700

IMAGINE THIS-Sir David Attenborough is involved in the development of Yamaha’s Ténéré 700 is during the very last marketing meetings leading up to the final release. He says, “I say lads, if this motorcycle were in the animal kingdom it would have been through a world record gestation period. The record stands at 640 days for an elephant…”. It was just over 700 days since I’d first set eyes on the then T7 prototype - and what a lot of hype it drew - at EICMA in Italy in 2017. But just as elephants are pretty impressive, one decent day in the saddle will be enough for adventuring hero types to be impressed enough to fork over their cash without flinching. It will come as no surprise that capacity-wise, the 689cc…

1 min.

PRICE: $15,499 plus on roads away WARRENTY:Two years, unlimited distance SERVICING INTERVALS: Every 10,000km or 12 months ENGINE: Parallel twin cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valves BORE x STROKE: 80 x 68.9mm DISPLACEMENT: 689cc COMPRESSION: 11.5:1 POWER: 54kW @ 9000rpm TORQUE: 68 Nm @ 6500rpm TRANSMISSION: 6-speed, wet multi-plate clutch, chain drive SUSPENSION: Front, KYB 43mm USD fully adjustable telescopic fork, travel 210mm. Rear, shock, semi-adjustable preload, travel 200mm. DIMENSIONS: Seat height 880mm, weight 204kg (wet), fuel capacity 16 litres, wheelbase 1590mm TYRES: Front: 90/90 R21 Rear 150/70 R18 FRAME: Double cradle steel tube BRAKES: Front dual 282mm discs with four pistons calipers, switchable ABS. Rear 245mm disc, single piston caliper, switchable ABS FUEL CONSUMPTION: 5 litres per 100km, premium unleaded THEORETICAL RANGE: 320km COLOURS: Competition White, Power Black, Ceramic Ice VERDICT: SALES SUPERHERO…

20 min.
eicma in milan

SHOWTIME Motorcycling is as big and bright as ever “IT’S THE VIBE OF IT,” as Dennis Denuto said in The Castle. You can quote all the numbers you like, chasing bike sales figures downward into despond, but a good bike show will pull you out of that quick smart. By my long-established Motorcycle Show MoodMeter, the ratio of blondes to brunettes on the stands (blondes: positive mood, brunettes: less so), the industry itself is betting a bit each way – some were light, some were dark. But the overall impression, the buzz,the vibe, definitely looked bright. A few quick words about the show. It occupied 280,000 square metres in eight of Fiera Milano’s giant halls. There were 1278 exhibitors from 44 countries and more than 2000 accredited journalists. Maybe I should write “journalists”…

3 min.
don't mourn accessorise

IF EICMA DIDN’T have a single motorcycle but just accessories, clothes and such, I would still be tempted to go. The thing is – you don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t. Sure you can track manufacturers whom you know on the web, but will you always catch up with their latest development? And what about the firms you’ve never heard of? A big motorcycle show is the place to see them, and there is no bigger motorcycle show than this one. Here are just a few examples, and if I sound a bit gushy (I do) it’s because I have been seriously impressed by these people. One firm I always find intriguing is Wunderlich, who make accessories for BMWs. With a brand as thorough as BMW, you might think…