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Australian PhotographyAustralian Photography

Australian Photography January 2019

Australian Photography has one simple goal – to make you a better photographer. Each month the magazine features insightful photo tips to help you improve the way you shoot, edit and share your images. There's also interviews with leading pro shooters, step-by-step image-editing guides, photo competitions, reviews of the latest gear and much more

Yaffa Publishing Group PTY LTD
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12 Issues


2 min.
the travel issue

Travel photography is, and probably always will be, my favourite genre of photography. I cut my teeth doing it many years ago, and it’s something that continues to influence where and when I travel and photograph today. I think I like it because it’s a bit nebulous – you can shoot portraiture, landscapes, or architecture, and all of them could be classified as travel photography. And, unlike other genres that have defined rules about what does and doesn’t qualify, travel photography has almost none – except perhaps that images be captured in a place that is not your own. While travelling in Iran a few years ago, I struck up a conversation with a French photographer who told me he had spent the last two weeks travelling and photographing around the…

1 min.

DREW HOPPER Drew Hopper is a travel and landscape photographer based in Australia, specialising in the Asia-Pacific region. See more of his work at drewhopperphotography.com. RICHARD I’ANSON Richard I’Anson is a freelance photographer who has built a career on his twin passions for travel and photography. He is a Canon Master Photographer. See more of his work at richardianson.com. LISA MICHELE BURNS Lisa Michele Burns is a travel and landscape photographer who seeks to capture the world with an alternative perspective. An Olympus’ visionary, you can see more of her work at thewanderinglens.com. DYLAN GIANNAKOUPOLOS Melbourne based photographer Dylan Giannakoupolos has set out to capture all that inspires him. See more at dylangiannaphotography.com.au.…

1 min.
spiritual journey

Loy Krathong is a spectacular festival celebrated throughout Thailand in honour of Buddha. The main happenings take place in Northern Thailand, in Chiang Mai, with festivities involving placing floating lanterns in the river, usually the day after the famous sky lantern release called Yi Peng. Loy Krathong takes place on the evening of the 12th month of the traditional Thai lunar calendar, which was difficult to determine when the dates change every year. Fortunately I was able to time my travels in Thailand around the festivities in order to experience and photograph the magic. The evening before I took this shot, I met Lonely Planet photographer Richard I'Anson at the Yi Peng sky lantern release. Richard was kneeling down beside me when I recognised his face and said hello, and to…

2 min.
a reflective moment

On a recent Greenland expedition we stopped at the small village of Ittoqqortoormiit for a few hours. This is one of the most remote villages in the world. Lovely and colourful, but how do you make the most of an opportunity like this in a different way than just taking the same old shots? I encouraged my customers to enjoy their time walking through the village and look for images “outside the square”. On landing in the zodiac, it took only a minute before everyone headed off in different directions - excited as kids in a candy store. It’s rare that I get to take photos by myself and even rarer to have clear enough thoughts to shoot something personal. That is the life of a professional photo guide! So, as I…

7 min.
quick snaps

THE 2018 HEAD ON PHOTO AWARDS ARE NOW OPEN FOR ENTRIES LAUNCHED in 2004, the Head On Photo Awards represent a global selection of the best work from emerging and established photographers across four categories; Portrait, Landscape, Mobile and Student. This year, photographers will compete for more than $60,000 in cash and prizes. The Head On Portrait, Landscape and Mobile prizes are open internationally to professional, emerging and enthusiast photographers from classical to contemporary styles and the Head On Student Prize is open to Australia’s young photographers (school years K-12) until 3 February, 2019. You can find out more about the awards at headon.com.au/awards. LEICA’S NEW Q-P COMPACT CAMERA LOSES THE RED DOT; GAINS DESIGN TWEAKS LEICA’S popular Q fixed lens compact has received a subtle refresh, aimed at making the camera even more minimalist. Announced…

3 min.
your best shot

SUMMER TRACE O’ROURKE ‘The offering’ EDITOR’S COMMENT: Don’t feed the birds they say – but how would you get great shots like this if you always did that!? We love the moment captured here, and really like how you’ve included just the essentials too; an arm, a chip and a perfectly frozen bird in flight. Trace O’Rourke says she was enjoying dinner on the beach whilst waiting for sunset when she was scouted by seagulls. “While this one bird just hovered over us, I quickly grabbed my camera, laid back to view from underneath as we attempted to hand feed it, capturing the moment just before the offering was taken.” The result is a fun shot, and one that is nicely exposed too. Well done. TECHNICAL DETAILS Sony A7R Mark II, 25mm f/2 lens. 1/2000s @…