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Australian Photography April 2019

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a sorry state of affairs

Is there really anything else I could have written about this month? The saga over allegations of plagiarism against prominent photographer Lisa Saad has held me, and many others in the photographic community, transfixed. On the surface, it’s a story that has it all. A well-known illustrative photographer accused of both image theft and using stock imagery in a number of her awardwinning images, a very public trial by social media, the age-old ‘that’s not photography’ argument, and, surprisingly considering the widespread criticism, silence from the subject of the accusations herself. All this adds up to a story that has generated considerable anger. Anger about stolen opportunities that come with winning awards, prize money and potential sponsorships. And there’s an element of disbelief too, that someone could have got away with it…

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YAN ZHANG Yan Zhang is a landscape photographer and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Sydney. See more of his work on Instagram @yan.zhang.australia JAKE TRAYNOR A landscape and seascape photographer based on the south coast of New South Wales, Jake Traynor has a love for the great outdoors. See more of his work at jaketraynorfilms.com MICHAEL SNEDIC Michael Snedic is one of Australia’s most accomplished wildlife/nature photographers. See more of his work at wildnaturephotoexpeditions.com DYLAN GIANNAKOPOULOS Melbourne based photographer Dylan Giannakopoulos is a Sony Imaging Advocate for Australia. See more at dylangiannaphotography.com.au…

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wonders of the rainforest

Some years ago I heard about a tree growing in Tasmania’s north east highlands. This tree is a spectacular example of a Tasmanian Myrtle or Nothofagus Cunninghamii. The forerunners of these trees existed during the time of Gondwanaland some 100 million years ago and they still grow in Tasmania’s highland rainforests. A couple of hours walking through the bush brought me to this magnificent tree. Conditions were perfect for photography, calm, a light mist drifting through the forest, and damp. Nothing brings out colours in the forest like moisture. I used a polarising filter to reduce the reflections from the vegetation and increase colour saturation. My camera, a medium format Mamiya 7 rangefinder film camera, was loaded with Fuji Velvia slide film. Velvia gives beautiful, heavily saturated colours and really suits landscape…

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why you need to print your work

Have you ever heard the expression ‘a photo is not a photo until it is printed?’ We live in an era where a phone is pulled out, a shot is taken and the image is filed away again. But when we’re exposed to so many images, like we are when we scroll through instagram or an online gallery, the brain simply ‘clicks off’ as it receives too much information. Yet consider what happens when you show someone a print - the viewer will most often stop, take their time and study the image: It it more tactile and has a real sense of reality. Of course I love to look at images on my phone, computer and TV, but I really enjoy looking at a printed image on my wall at…

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quick snaps

FUJIFILM ANNOUNCE THE X-T30 FUJIFILM has announced the X-T30, a new APS-C mirrorless camera that inherits many of the features of its big brother, the X-T3, including the same 26.1 Megapixel X-Trans sensor and X-Processor 4 Quad Core-CPU, wrapped-up in a smaller and lighter body. Beyond the sensor and CPU, the X-T30 features a number of autofocus improvements over the X-T3. There’s a hybrid AF system with 425 points across the entire frame, along with a newly improved face detection system. It’s worth noting that the autofocus improvements on the X-T30 will be added with a firmware update to the X-T3 shortly. The other features of the X-T30 include a smaller and lower resolution viewfinder, 0.62x and 2.36M-dot to the X-T3’s 0.75x and 3.69M-dots, a 3’ touchscreen and a drive speed of 20fps…

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your best shot

It may seem a bit of a tall order to ask you to send in your best shots of the rain considering how little we’ve had of it in the last year, but we were pleasantly surprised by the diversity of entries regardless. Here’s the images we liked the best this month. THIS MONTH’S WINNER AMANDA HITCHENS Perfect London Weather EDITOR’S COMMENTS Amanda Hitchens captured this image, surprise, surprise, in London, and from the window of a double decker bus no less. “It hadn’t stopped raining all day,” she explains. “Being a tourist I had to take a photo of the iconic Harrods building, but I wanted to get the feeling of the day in the photo also. Light was pretty much non existent except for the christmas lights from the buildings. So I took…