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Australian Photography April 2020

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Australian Photography has one simple goal – to make you a better photographer. Each month the magazine features insightful photo tips to help you improve the way you shoot, edit and share your images. There's also interviews with leading pro shooters, step-by-step image-editing guides, photo competitions, reviews of the latest gear and much more

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back on the street

There's something about street photography that seems to draw controversy like a moth to a flame. Perhaps this is because unlike most other genres, it typically features the public as its subject, and in a climate of increased sensitivity towards personal privacy and changing perceptions of public spaces, street photographers can seem invasive and at their most extreme, downright creepy. Few other cases have demonstrated this so succinctly as the recent controversy around the work of Japanese street photographer Tatsuo Suzuki, famous for his up close and personal street photographs. Up until a month ago, the focus on Suzuki was confined to his gritty and emotive images, with little attention paid to the techniques he used to capture them. That was until the seemingly innocuous announcement of Fujifilm's latest mirrorless camera. As…

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SAM EDMONDS Sam Edmonds is a photographer, writer and antarctic expedition guide focusing on issues of ecology and conservation. See more of his work at samedmondsphoto.com ANTHONY MCKEE Anthony McKee is a Melbourne-based writer and social documentary photographer. In 2014 he was named AIPP Documentary Photographer of the Year. See more at anthonymckee.com.au NICK RAINS Nick Rains has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. He runs the Leica Akademie in Australia. See more at nickrains.com DOUG GIMESY Doug Gimesy is a professional award winning conservation & wildlife photographer who travels a lot. See more of his work at gimesy.com, and on instagram @doug_gimesy…

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beauty of the beast

On the 26th October 2019 while I had some friends over at home, one of them received an alert on their phone that there was a fire close by approaching from the south. I remember everyone checking their phones for similar alerts, including road closures and the location of the fire. I went outside onto our balcony and looked south, and all I could see was a huge plume of black and grey smoke rising up into the atmosphere. Instantly the vibe in the room went from a relaxed morning with close friends to panic as everyone vacated to their cars to head home as quickly as possible. Being a photographer and not one to want to miss the shot, I grabbed my camera and ran outside. At the same time, I…

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quick snaps

NIKON DEBUTS D6 DSLR NEARLY five months after first confirming its development, Nikon has released details of its newest flagship DSLR, the D6. The standout feature is a new 105-point all-cross-type AF system that Nikon is calling “the most powerful AF system in Nikon’s history.” At the heart of the D6 is a similar 20.8MP sensor (the same resolution as the D5), but this is now matched to a new Expeed 6 processor that offers up to 14fps burst shooting. Interestingly, the total number of AF points has gone down from 153 to 105, but, all of these are now selectable and all are the more accurate cross-type. Fifteen of the more centrally located points are accurate to F8, and the center point can focus down to -4.5EV. All other points will focus…

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the wild side

Our incredible world offers such a treasure trove of amazing natural things. Right in front of my house in Queensland I can find mud crabs, turtles, dolphins, and so many fish species that I quickly lose count. I’m lucky enough to look over at Fraser Island every day, and I have the rest of the world to explore as well. All are waiting for my lens. So much of good nature photography is about spending time and creating opportunity for image-making. Other factors like equipment and weather play a part of course, but time and opportunity are the key. The last point is timing. By this I mean ensuring that at the split second you commit and press the button you have captured the best image you possibly can. I always push…

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your best shot

BOKEH AMANDA HITCHENS Sun Sparkles EDITOR’S COMMENT We don’t see many images taken with a Lensbaby these days, which is maybe because they have a very love-it or hate-it way of rendering light. In this case, Amanda Hitchens’ image is definitely in the love it category, bringing those out of focus bokeh balls right to the fore in her frame. For the image, she says conditions have to be ‘just right.’ “The sun has to be shining and the environment damp from a frosty morning. I practically have my camera on the ground looking right into the sun to capture the sparkle through the grass. Through the lensbaby lens I get beautiful circles of bokeh light,” she says. We especially love the ethereal feel and nicely balanced composition \ you’ve gone for here. Well done. TECHNICAL…