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the new vw group is letting its other brands shine

A FEW years ago I had a chance to put one question to Ferdinand Piech, then chairman of the Volkswagen Group Supervisory board. I asked him what the best car in the world was. With everything from the Skoda Citigo to the Bugatti Chiron to choose from in his group, he picked the Volkswagen Golf. That gave a real insight to the group; the Volkswagen brand, it seemed, always had to shine brightest. It also explained why a Skoda, for example, could never quite match a Volkswagen when it came down to small but important things like quality of switchgear. Now, the people at the top of the group have changed, along with its outlook. Which is why SEAT is leading the group’s research and development into connectivity and micro mobility –…

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Deputy editor, Auto Express ASTON’S Geneva blitz stirs memories of Lotus’ infamous five-concept assault on the 2010 Paris show, with then-boss Dany Bahar unveiling a line-up so ambitious that it was hard to find anyone who thought it could ever happen. It couldn’t. Andy Palmer might have had one eye on the Aston share price as he whipped off the covers in Geneva, but promises tend to count for more when they’re the work of a company that has an increasingly strong track record of delivering. The key model already looks like being the Vanquish. Bringing the 003 to market as a limited-run hypercar is one thing. But taking on Ferrari on its mid-engined home turf? That may just be the boldest Aston Martin ambition in the company’s 106-year history. “Taking on Ferrari may…

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aston martin concepts top story aston’s thrilling ferrari & mclaren rivals revealed

● Just 500 editions of 003 will be built; deliveries start in 2021 ● Vanquish Vision due in 2022 to go head to head with McLaren 720S Jonathan_Burn@dennis.co.uk @Jonathan_burn ASTON Martin has turned up the pressure on Ferrari and McLaren by unveiling a pair of mid-engine concept cars at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Perhaps two of the most ambitious and exciting models to emerge from the British firm, the concepts, called Vanquish Vision and 003, enter segments never before occupied by Aston in its 106-year history. Speaking exclusively to Auto Express, the company’s boss, Dr Andy Palmer, told us about the planning and rationale behind the mid-engine vehicles. “The ultimate mid-engine car is a Formula 1 car, but I didn’t fancy running an F1 team – Red Bull is a perfect partner for us,” he…

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sleek suv marks lagonda’s return

● All-Terrain Concept is near-finished version of reborn brand’s first production EV ● Futuristic four-seater will have autonomous mode “Cars like this are basically used as urban carriages, so they aren’t doing big distances” John_McIlroy@dennis.co.uk @johnmcilroy THIS is the Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain Concept, a preview of the first production model that the reborn brand will introduce when it returns in 2022. One of Aston’s Geneva stars, this all electric SUV builds on the design language introduced by the Lagonda Vision Concept that was shown at the Swiss event 12 months ago. Like the saloon, the All-Terrain Concept is a four-seater in which the front occupants will be able to turn around and chat to those in the back when the vehicle is running in autonomous mode. The new model has clear elements of the Vision Concept,…

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nissan show star hints at next qashqai

● Striking IMQ SUV concept makes debut on Geneva stands ● Hybrid e-Power tech could find its way on to Mk3 family car Steve_Fowler@dennis.co.uk @stevefowler OF all the exotic concept cars on display at this week’s Geneva Motor Show, the most significant is probably Nissan’s IMQ. Behind the 22-inch wheels, rear-hinged back doors, exotic slatted grille and floating glass roof is the shape that will eventually become very familiar to UK SUV buyers; it’s a thinly disguised look at the third generation of the Nissan Qashqai, the UK’s biggest-selling SUV. The IMQ follows on from the IMX concept revealed at 2017’s Tokyo show, with IM standing for ‘intelligent mobility’. In this case the IMQ features a development of Nissan’s hybrid e-Power technology. However, the Q in IMQ is a clear nod to the next Qashqai, with Matthew…

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battista will be most powerful ever road car

AFTER months of teaser images, the Automobili Pininfarina Battista has been revealed at the Geneva Show. The electric hypercar is claimed to be the most powerful road-legal car ever produced and only 150 will be built, priced upwards of £1.5 million. The Battista is powered by a 120kWh lithium-ion battery and four electric motors (one for each wheel), producing a combined output of 1,873bhp and 2,300Nm torque. Its maker claims a 0-62mph time of less than two seconds and is targeting a range of around 280 miles. The Battista’s chassis is built around a carbonfibre monocoque, to which is mated a carbonfibre and aluminium rear subframe. Features include a set of carbonceramic brakes, a torque-vectoring system and adjustable suspension.…