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August 5, 2020

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mitsubishi won’t be the last to leave europe

MITSUBISHI GAVE itself a huge head start over the rest of the industry with the 2013 launch of the Outlander PHEV. It got there first with plug-in technology, wrapped it in an SUV body and took advantage of the ramp-up of Europe-wide incentives for such cars. But seven years on, Mitsubishi hasn’t followed it up, while rivals have caught up – and now it never will do, because the company has fired the starting gun for its exit from European shores (p12). To sell in Europe in the years ahead, the investments needed to meet emissions legislation are vast. One plug-in hybrid isn’t enough. Every car in the range needs to be electrified, and the economies of scale just aren’t there for Mitsubishi to make that viable. Two years ago, it was looking…

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gordon murray reimagines mclaren f1 as £2.8m t50

“The 650bhp T50 is smaller than the Porsche 911 and lighter than the Alpine A110” Gordon Murray’s new V12-engined T50 supercar, the “logical successor” to his seminal McLaren F1 of 1992, has been unveiled at the Surrey factory where manufacturing will start late next year. Deliveries are due to begin early in 2022. The new car, which Murray calls “the purest, lightest, most driver-focused supercar ever built”, is an ultra-light, mid-engined, all-carbonfibre three-seater, dubbed the T50 because it’s Murray’s 50th car design in a career spanning more than half a century. It uses a refined version of the ground-effect ‘fan car’ technology its designer first introduced to grand prix racing with the Brabham BT46B for the 1978 Formula 1 season. Powered by a new 650bhp naturally aspirated 4.0-litre Cosworth V12 with a 12,100rpm redline,…

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daily driver? yes but also no

It’s amazing to see how much trouble Gordon Murray has taken making his new T50 into a daily driver. He has refined the carbonfibre tub to make sliding into the central seat much easier. There’s an easier new way of loading the luggage compartments, too. And the body’s frontal features are designed so that a ‘nose lift’ mechanism, familiar in McLarens and Porsches, isn’t needed. The aim, he says, is that if you’re rich enough and want just one supercar, the T50 will be the logical choice. The truth is different. The demand for cars as exclusive and pricey as the new Murray (or should that be GMA?) T50 is driven by an odd combination of trust and taste for investment. During our interview, the designer remarked that half of the 100…

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q&a gordon murray, founder, gma

Why did you build the T50? “I thought it was time. I wanted my 50th car to be pretty special, and people have been asking for many years what I was going to do after the McLaren F1. This my answer.” Is the car here the T50 as it will appear in production? “Yes, we won’t change anything now. We’ve had time to consider everything in a way we didn’t really have with the F1. There are things about the McLaren that I still don’t like, because we signed it off in the clay and you can’t always see the highlights accurately. But this time, we’ve been really careful and methodical, and there’s nothing I don’t like. I think it should look pretty timeless.” Have you been helped by improvements in materials since the…

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change of character for s-class

Mercedes-Benz says it will revolutionise luxury car dynamics with its seventh-generation S-Class, which will offer two different rear-wheel steering set-ups within a host of new chassis functions intended to make it the most agile, driver-focused luxury limousine. Due to be unveiled in early September, prior to UK deliveries starting early next year, the new S-Class will be the first non-AMG Mercedes to offer four-wheel steering – a function already available on its Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series competitors. Of the trio, the BMW has always been notably the most driver-focused. While rival systems offer only a few degrees of rear-wheel steering angle, one of the set-ups developed for the new S-Class achieves up to 10deg – a figure usually seen only on large commercial vehicles. The move provides the new standard-wheelbase S-Class…

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updated kia stonic gains mild hybrid petrol engine

THE KIA STONIC has gained a raft of fuel-saving technology and upgraded infotainment. A new mild hybrid petrol powertrain for the crossover, badged EcoDynamics+, pairs a 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol engine with a 48V belt-integrated starter-generator (BISG) and lithium ion battery. It’s available with 99bhp or 118bhp, and the higher-powered version’s maximum torque output of 148lb ft is 16% higher than that of the current 1.0-litre engine. The mild hybrid engine can be paired with Kia’s new ‘clutch-by-wire’ manual gearbox. By swapping a mechanical linkage for an electronic actuator, this allows the engine to shut off sooner when the car is coasting to a stop, thereby saving fuel and reducing emissions. Meanwhile, the Stonic’s existing petrol engines have received “major revisions” in the name of efficiency. On offer are a 99bhp 1.0-litre turbo triple…