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Automobile December 2017

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what’s on demand this month?

SCHEDULE KEY: RACING | ORIGINAL PROGRAMSOCTOBER 27 Auto Mundial; Motorsport Mundial OCTOBER 27 Roadkill, Episode 71OCTOBER 28 LIVE! Euroformula Open, Barcelona; LIVE! FIM Speedway World Championship, Australia; LIVE! International GT Open, BarcelonaOCTOBER 29 LIVE! Euroformula Open, Barcelona; LIVE! International GT Open, BarcelonaOCTOBER 30 GP Confidential, Post USA + Preview Mexico GP OCTOBER 30 Ignition, Episode 186NOVEMBER 3 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Auckland SuperSprint; Auto Mundial; FIM Motocross World Championship, Season Review; Motorsport MundialNOVEMBER 4 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Auckland SuperSprintNOVEMBER 6 Engine Masters, Episode 28 NOVEMBER 6 Mobil 1 The GridNOVEMBER 8 GP Confidential, Post Mexico + Preview Brazil NOVEMBER 8 Head 2 Head, Episode 96NOVEMBER 9 Ferrari Challenge Europe, Mugello NOVEMBER 9 Put Up or Shut Up, Episode 5NOVEMBER 10 Auto Mundial; Motorsport MundialNOVEMBER 11 LIVE! 24H Series, Circuit…

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new in monterey

IT WAS AN EVENT straight out of the auto show playbook. Car beneath sheet? Check. Execs talking (and talking) about the state of the automaker and everything we wanted to know (and some things we didn’t) about the car? Check. The only real difference was the location: a concrete mansion on the edge of a golf course filled with fabulous people (and me) shivering through a late summer evening on California’s Monterey Peninsula.The world debut of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet, a vision of what the automaker imagines as a potential future of open-air super-luxury grand touring, was just one of several debuts and newsmaking announcements by the world’s top car companies during what has become known as Monterey Car Week.As we outlined for you in our August issue,…

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wired with passion

IN THE OPENING scene of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” Roger stars opposite a sweet, monosyllabic Baby Herman in the animated short, “Something’s Cooking.” Roger flubs his part, the scene is cut, and Herman becomes a garrulous curmudgeon, screaming blue murder at the rabbit before storming off the cartoon set and into the grimy studio lot, possibly in search of a Montecristo No. 2. That moment when Herman and his chubby, watercolor backside waddle into the real world was an absolute mind-bender for children like me at the time.Today, looking at photographs of English artist Benedict Radcliffe’s automotive wireframe sculptures, the same fuse has blown. An ethereal, gleaming white Toyota Corolla being lifted and carried into a truck by six men, one of whom seems to be at once inside and…

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the 33-year engagement

THIRTY-THREE YEARS. That’s how long I’ve been in this business—test-driving cars, writing about cars, learning about cars, and telling curious onlookers in the next lane, “This is not my car.” But never could I have guessed, way back in 1984, what wonders would await in the automotive world of 2017. I mean, about the only things cars of then have in common with today’s cars are rubber tires and a bumper sticker that reads, “I Was Abducted By Aliens.”Think how far we’ve come. When I started in this business, Hyundai was what you called that afternoon when you and your buddy went to the NFL game dressed in Attila costumes. Today, the South Korean automaker sells more than 750,000 automobiles annually on our shores and, as we go to…

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the 718 back roads of mein mind

IN LIGHT OF the crossover mania that’s overtaken the land, it’s easy to see how General Motors came to devalue the contribution of its German Opel division, the corporation’s finest repository of chassis and light-car engineering smarts and keeper of what little remained of its European flair. Remember, today we are hyped—or are being hyped, your pick—about self-driving cars for the future. And once your car drives itself, who is going to care if it shares its chassis and driving dynamics with a Chevy Colorado?Well, I do. Which is why I’m not happy about consigning so many key, traditional touch points of automotive virtue to absentia. Things like handling, road holding, ride quality, and the response and feel of a car’s steering and the pedals that make it go…

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they still exist

Write: Automobile magazine, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, California, 90245Email: Letters may be edited for clarity and length.Customer service:; 800-289-2886I JUST WANT TO let you know there are still some enthusiastic kids interested in cars and publications such as yours. My 9-year-old son is at the top of the list. He has a true passion for cars, and his knowledge is mind-blowing for his age. He spends hours watching videos online about a wide variety of cars; he loves to learn about the features, the engine, the details. For his fifth birthday he had a party that was themed on Land Rover, complete with an inspired cake, and we managed to find someone to give him a ride to his party in an actual Land Rover. For…