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Autoweek January 14, 2019

Autoweek tells the stories from every corner of a vibrant car culture. From the historic to the cutting edge, from the glitzy to the grassroots, Autoweek documents the people, events and machines that spark the interests of car people all over the world. Get unbiased reviews on the newest models, keep up with the hottest trends and innovations in automotive design and performance, and even the collector lifestyle. For over 57 years, Autoweek has also been trackside, covering every form of motorsports. Each issue contains driver and team features and interviews, racing coverage from all major series and in-depth analysis from expert reporters. Every other week, Autoweek will inspire and inform you with insightful articles and amazing photography.

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best of the best

A READER WHOSE NAME I won’t share recently sent me an email to the effect of, “Hey Rory, if you can’t think of anything to write about, don’t feel compelled to fill space in your column.” That’s constructive criticism! But what better way to fill space than to call attention to some of the great work that’s appeared in Autoweek this year? So here’s another incomplete list of my favorite stuff from Autoweek in 2018: This cover: Tara, Blythe, Chris, Jimmy and the rest of the team didn’t have to spend 20 hours sticking Hot Wheels to a real velodrome track. Lexus and the Detroit Fitness Foundation didn’t have to let us in, and Hot Wheels didn’t have to send us 10,000 cars. As Crain CFO Bob Recchia is fond of reminding…

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about the cover

Your eyes do not deceive you: To create the cover for our 2019 Autoweek Awards issue, which, in part, celebrates 50 years of Mattel’s Hot Wheels, we actually lined up 8,200 of the 1:64-scale die-cast cars on the banked track of Detroit’s Lexus Velodrome. The result—a wave of toys stretching off into the distance—was a sight to behold, and it wouldn’t have been possible without hours and hours of setup (see our breakdown on page 60).The cover shot was captured by Detroit-based photographers Michelle and Chris Gerard. Their work complements the illustrations of Fernando Pino; see it all in the 2019 Autoweek Awards section beginning on page 10.…

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unboxing day

“You guys at Autoweek get to do all the fun stuff.” Shifting the teetering stack of boxes from one hip to the other, I instinctively responded, “Well, there are tradeoffs.” Thoughts long-festering swam into my head, of our skeleton crew of a staff, every member of which is required to wear three or four hats; of largely flying under the wider corporate radar, the system optimized for a trade-magazine culture—very inside baseball stuff, to be sure, but still, the kinds of things that invoke “feelings” and “opinions” in a workplace (air quotes preferably performed in the manner of Chris Farley) and that can put one instantly on the defensive. But as my colleague from Automotive News receded down the hall, I thought, no, he’s right, dammit: We do get to do…

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revved up

“GET OUT THERE,” CAR LIFE, GRAHAM KOZAK, DEC. 17 Great article from Michigan’s U.P. in the Dec. 17 issue. I’ll bet the water crossing at Blind Sucker Flooding in the Mahindra was great fun. There are many other arcanely named places to explore in the area, such as the sprawling metropolis of Pine Stump Junction just down the road! And being street-legal is the hot setup for the U.P. as trudging down the shoulder at 25 mph in an ORV gets really old after a few miles! —BOB L, MADISON, WIS. “A SALUTE TO THE 3 MILLION MILE MAN,” BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE, DEC. 17 I was saddened to read of the passing of Irv Gordon. I had the pleasure of meeting him just this past summer at a collector car show. When I…

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under the hood

Listen to the podcast—it’s actually good now! LOOK, WE UNDERSTAND: The Autoweek Podcast had some growing pains and hit a rough patch in its infancy. But that was awhile ago. It’s good now! If you can’t get enough of the Autoweek editors from Twitch, the magazine you’re holding and, make sure to check out the Autoweek Podcast. There’s hours of hilarious banter about happenings in motorsport and the car world at large. Oh yeah, best of all—it’s free and available on all major streaming platforms. Why you should watch Autoweek’s Twitch channel DO YOU WANT to see how your favorite Autoweek editors can perform on a digitally rendered racetrack? Do you want to interact in real time with the folks behind these pages? Well, you can do both in one easy step—tune…

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2019 auto week awards

WHILE AUTOWEEK celebrates the car, we also strive to embrace car culture in its entirety, shining our spotlight on enthusiasm as a whole. So for the fourth straight year, we are recognizing some folks lucky enough to work full time racing, working on or just playing with cars. This time, the hardware goes to a toymaker that has been delighting children of all ages for 50 years; a feat achieved during one of America’s oldest and most challenging races; a racer who dominated his series and took his fifth title; another driver who retired after decades winning nearly every type of race; an automaker that won several manufacturers’ titles around the world; a championship team owner who knocked off some big names; and, last but not least, an up-and-coming racer…