Supermarket Diets

Lose 2 lbs. a week eating regular foods you can buy at your grocery store!

Jump start your weight loss with Diet Bootcamp—two week’s worth of low-calorie menus to get you off and running. Then move to the Keep on Losing Plan, and the Stay-Slim Maintenance Diet. The Supermarket Diet is full of tips, like the aisle-by-aisle guide to the grocery store, which tells you which foods to buy, and a basic exercise plan. But best of all, there are 135 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, because on this diet, you lose weight by eating! The recipes are all 400 calories or less, and triple-tested by The Good Housekeeping Research Institute. French Toast? Pasta? Chili? Tacos? Dessert? They’re on the diet, and the recipes (and many more) are in the book!