Bake from Scratch Cookies & Bars 2019

With this special collection of the most make-ahead-friendly recipes from Bake from Scratch, we prove how advantageous time management and prep work can be. The best part? For every recipe in this issue—from brownies and brioche to Bundt cakes and cookies galore—we break down the process for you with exclusive, customized timetables for the days leading up to when you’re ready to serve. We organize and simplify the process for you. With a little preparation, you can avoid rushing and last-minute letdowns and actually enjoy the craft. From freezing streusel to prepping syrup soaks for cakes, our test kitchen-approved methods make even the most time-consuming recipes attainable. Prep work is especially useful during summertime, often filled with travel and spontaneous get-togethers. The next time friends stop by unexpectedly, pull out a ready-to-serve pie (try the Black Bottom Peanut Butter Icebox Pie on page 22) from the refrigerator or freezer. The zesty berry bars on the cover and the Snickerdoodle Sablés are two ideal summer treats, perfect for both casual cookouts and fanciful fêtes. Don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of baking. Prep now, bake later.

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