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May 2021
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The the most comprehensive monthly source of news and information on bank notes and all related fiscal paper. Each issue of Bank Note Reporter includes market values, calendar listings, news briefs, price guides, historical articles on paper money and why certain notes were created. Reports on the people, events and history that have contributed to this hobby make for fascinating reading. For both the new enthusiasts and the veteran collectors.

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bank notes of mulberry and rockville indiana

For this month, trying to move around to different places in the country, I thought we would look at a couple of small towns in Indiana, from which I have nice notes in my collection. So, let’s travel to the Hoosier State and visit the quaint towns of Mulberry and Rockville. C’est parti! Mulberry is located in Clinton County, Indiana, roughly 52 miles northwest of Indianapolis and 14 miles southeast of Lafayette. It is situated on State Route 38 about 7 miles east of Interstate Route 65. The plat for the town of Mulberry was laid out by W. S. Perrin on October 1, 1858. It was named for a mulberry tree that was located at the point where it was founded. In the dedication of the plat the town is…

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note of the month

While the 1951 issue was being worked on, there was much talk about the coming establishment of a new entity that would be in control of all future currency issues for Surinam. Perhaps with that in mind, the De Bussy banknote producers created this possibly unique example of a 100-gulden issue from a totally ephemeral bank named De Bank Van Suriname N.V. Apparently, the general layout and placement of design elements on both face and back of this proof was adopted for the regular issue. As seen on the back, the original date appears to be 32 Augustus 1950. Handwritten changes made the date 1 Augustus 1951 which became the adopted date on the notes. Its green color is seen on the 25-gulden. The size of 153 x 82mm. was also…

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new 1862-3 $1 and $2 legal tender friedberg number varieties

The handling of Treasury signatures on currency always presented a nuisance to all involved. The volume of Federal currency issues forced rapid innovation and those changes added interesting varieties to the demand and legal tender notes as the federal government got into the note-issuing business during the Civil War era. The following is a revealing verbatim transcript of an item that appeared in the July, 1875, issue of the Banker’s Magazine. A writer in the Indianapolis Journal says: “The law requires all notes, bonds and interest coupons issued by the Government to bear the signature of the Treasurer. In former times, before the invention of greenbacks, and when the bond issues of the Government were comparatively insignificant, the Treasurer used to affix his personal signatures to them. When General Spinner came into…

7 min.
notes of de surinaamsche bank 1865-1951

NOTE: The is the second of what is now seen as a four-article discussion of the banknotes and government issues of Surinam. The two remaining are the Central Bank of Surinam beginning in 1957 and the government Zilverbon and Muntbiljet issues from 1918-2004. Establishing the new bank The main banking institution in this former Dutch colony, De Surinaamsche Bank, was founded in 1865. A new bank was needed partly to meet the newfound need for more currency in circulation brought about by the freeing of over 30,000 slaves in 1863. This increase in active population spawned many new shops and businesses of all sorts in Paramaribo and other places. The need became acute since there had not been any real attempt to supply currency since 1847, a full eighteen years earlier. It was…

2 min.
results for stack’s bowers april 2021 hong kong auction - session a - chinese, hong kong & world paper money

Stack’s Bowers April 2021 Hong Kong Auction - Session A was a fun offering to watch. There are always notes one expects to perform well that do perform well. Some fall short of their anticipated mark. I enjoy looking for the notes that exceed expectation and start watching for trends. One high price does not make a trend alone, it needs to be a broader movement and looking to decipher what drives a trend can be a fun pursuit. Some of the lot results that caught my attention are listed below. The first, Lot 40368, was a Merchants Bank of Canada, Prince of Wales 5 Dollar note dated 1919, with the serial number 1 and plate letter “A”. Graded by PMG Extremely Fine 40 EPQ. Included in the lot was a…

3 min.
filling collection gaps

First, for errors: The correct email for the Michigan Mining Scrip book is: michiganscrip@gmail.com. If you’re into Upper Peninsula material, this book is the best! The market seems to be gaining strength. In reviewing price estimates for the late April Central States auction at Dallas, this seems to be a trend. Next month I’ll be reviewing the prices realized for a complete collection of Fractional Currency. Staggering rarities will be on the block. After that we’ll be looking at the ANA show in Chicago. Are you a hole filler? I have to admit that I am. It dates back to my days as a paper boy in the early 1950’s. I wanted to make sure there were no holes in my 25 cent Blue Whitman folders. My Buffalo Nickels were complete except…