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October 2019

Baseball America has been bringing you the best baseball information in the game for more than 30 years, a must-have resource for fans as well as people who work in the game. Every issue features coverage of the majors, minors, college and high school baseball as well as prospects, prospects and more prospects. Whether you’re looking to win your fantasy league or stay on top of the game at all levels, Baseball America puts it all in your hands.

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@BaseballAmerica @BaseballAmerica BaseballAmericaMag ReadBA PROSPECT SEASON KICKS INTO HIGH GEAR Many of the game’s top prospects converge in the desert each year for the Arizona Fall League. This year’s class is headlined by Jo Adell. Visit BaseballAmerica.com for coverage of the AFL—or follow Josh Norris on Twitter: @jnorris427 YEAR-ROUND COLLEGE COVERAGE Baseball may be a spring sport, but that doesn’t mean Baseball America takes the summer or fall off—not by a long shot! Teddy Cahill and the college team have their sights set on the 2020 season and the draft in June. The College Recruiting Rankings detail the 25 best incoming freshman classes in the nation. Prospect rankings for the premier wood bat summer college leagues, including a top 50 for the Cape Cod League and a ranking of every member of Team USA. Summer college coverage includes top…

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roberto hernandez realized his dreams on the mound

FROM OUR ARCHIVE ISSUE Jan. 10-24, 1992 RUNDOWN Roberto Hernandez ranked as the No. 1 prospect for the White Sox based on his 95 mph fastball and high character. The year before he had defied the odds by overcoming a life-threatening blockage of an artery in his right forearm. Not in his wildest imagination as an 18-year-old high school dropout could Roberto Hernandez have envisioned a 17-year major league career that included 1,010 appearances. “I would have still pictured myself bagging groceries and stocking shelves,” Hernandez said from his home in Gulfport, Fla., where he and his wife Ivonne enjoy retirement as they assist in the rearing of their lone grandchild. Hernandez was a junior at Chelsea Vocational School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side when his mother’s illness rendered her unable to work as a home attendant.…

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ESTABLISHED 1981 - PO BOX 12877, DURHAM, NC 27709 - (800) 845-2726 EDITOR AND PUBLISHER B.J. Schecter @bjschecter EXECUTIVE EDITORS J.J. Cooper @jjcoop36, Matt Eddy @MattEddyBA CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER Don Hintze DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Ben Leigh DIRECTOR OF DIGITAL STRATEGY Mike Salerno EDITORIAL ASSOCIATE EDITORS Justin Coleman @ElJayColes, Kegan Lowe @KeganLowe, Josh Norris @jnorris427 SENIOR WRITER Ben Badler @benbadler NATIONAL WRITERS Teddy Cahill @tedcahill, Carlos Collazo @CarlosACollazo, Kyle Glaser @KyleAGlaser DIRECTOR EDITORIAL PRODUCTION/AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT Mark Chiarelli @Mark_Chiarelli SPECIAL CONTRIBUTOR Tim Newcomb @tdnewcomb PRODUCTION DIRECTOR OF PRODUCTION Linwood Webb DIRECTOR OF DESIGN James Alworth BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY MANAGER Brent Lewis ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Kellen Coleman MARKETING/OPERATIONS COORDINATOR Angela Lewis CUSTOMER SERVICE Melissa Sunderman COLUMNISTS RON MORRIS Columbia, S.C. TRACY RINGOLSBY Cheyenne, Wyo. JOE SHEEHAN New York WHERE TO DIRECT QUESTIONS BACK ISSUES To order, visit https//www.baseballamerica.com/back-issues/ ADVERTISING ben.leigh@baseballamerica.com COLLEGES ted.cahill@baseballamerica.com DESIGN/PRODUCTION james.alworth@baseballamerica.com DRAFT carlos.collazo@baseballamerica.com HIGH SCHOOLS carlos.collazo@baseballamerica.com INDEPENDENT LEAGUES jj.cooper@baseballamerica.com INTERNATIONAL ben.badler@baseballamerica.com MAJOR LEAGUES kyle.glaser@baseballamerica.com MINOR LEAGUES/BUSINESS josh.norris@baseballamerica.com PROSPECTS kyle.glaser@baseballamerica.com REPRINTS angela.lewis@baseballamerica.com SUBSCRIPTIONS/CUSTOMER SERVICE customerservice@baseballamerica.com WEBSITE mark.chiareli@baseballamerica.com CORRESPONDENTS GABE BURNS Atlanta Journal-Constitution; TJ…

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for the love of the game

FACTORY ATHLETICS TM is BA’s For the Love of the Game Selection Partner • JACK BLEIER, 14 CHANDLER, AZ: Because Jack is dyslexic, he struggles to process information, mostly math and reading. While he will never completely overcome his dyslexia, he has figured out how to learn differently than everyone else. Jack gets frustrated at times but won’t let dyslexia define him, and through hard work he often earns A’s and B’s. Jack has a huge goal: he wants to play baseball and football in college. He has been playing baseball since he was 5 and loves putting in work on hitting, fielding and pitching. • MADI TOLLE, 15 GYPSUM, KS: In April 2018, Madi’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Madi felt that instead of dwelling on the past, she needed to be…

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teaching situational baseball

BASEBALL FACTORY’S CHIEF BASEBALL OFFICER The consensus in the baseball industry seems to be that while the players may continue to get more physical and skilled, their overall feel for the game and baseball IQ seem to be going in the other direction. At Baseball Factory, we are constantly helping to build better athletes and working on individual skills, but at our player development events, we spend quite a bit of time teaching team fundamentals. We try to raise the players’ baseball IQs. We want them to learn to anticipate based on the situation. They need to know what to do if the ball is hit to them, how to communicate with teammates and to be ready for the next play. We want true baseball players, because let’s face it: the players with…

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fantasy late-season prospect pop-ups

Success breeds confidence, as the adage goes. If that’s the case, then prospects who excelled in the final month of the minor league season could use that success—and confidence boost—as a springboard into 2020. In this piece, we will journey around the diamond to identify August pop-up prospects who could be poised for bigger things. At any rate, you’re going to want to be familiar with their names for the later rounds of your dynasty draft next spring. RAYNER SANTANA, C, GIANTS DSL GIANTS (DOMINICAN SUMMER) One of the youngest players in the 2018 international signing class, Santana made his pro debut this year and played all but a few weeks of this season at age 16. The Venezuelan’s mature offensive approach belied his youth. Santana shined in the Dominican Summer League by finishing one…