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October 2020

Bass Player is the world's most comprehensive, trusted and insightful bass publication for passionate bassists and active musicians of all ages. Each issue delivers the latest tips and techniques that are guaranteed to make you a better player.

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Welcome! It’s been another busy month in the world of Bass Player magazine. As I write this, in early September, the music industry isn’t yet showing signs of significant recovery from the current pandemic. It’ll be some time before we’re able to get out and play live, it seems. Still, there are upsides to this. One of these is that we’re able to spend time on our bass playing; another is that we’re motivated to write and record the songs that we can’t play live. This leads me to Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam, whose band may be hugely successful, but who still has the urge to compose, hence his new solo EP, and this month’s cover feature. We could all learn from his refusal to hit the couch and let playing…

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the low down i was there!

Back when Prince was just a hot new nightclub act... Before the late Prince Rogers Nelson’s albums, films, controversy, and stardom, he earned his bones as a performer on the Minneapolis club scene. His bassist, Mark Brown—whose stage name was and remains Brown Mark—accompanied him on those stages from 1981, as he recalls in his new memoir, My Life In The Purple Kingdom. “Playing with Prince was like attending an intense school of raw funk-rock,” Mark tells BP. “With freedom to express myself, he enabled me to grow not only as a bassist, but also as a performer. The work ethic I gleaned from him helped me in every aspect of my music career, from songwriting, to stage performance. You can do anything you put your heart and mind into.” The book comes…

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the lowdown

"Whatever we grab from the past, we try to pull it into the future" FREEKBASS RETURNS IN STYLE The funk bassist extraordinaire delivers new, amped-up music If one single isn’t enough, why not release a new song a month? That’s the philosophy of Cincinnati-based bassist and bandleader Chris ‘Freekbass’ Sherman, who kicked off his new run of music for 2020 with a single, ‘Runaway’, back in August. As he tells BP, “‘Runaway’ had a distinct blueprint we were going for with feel, groove, and sound. We were going for that early-80s, robotic sound, right before drum machines and keyboard-sequencers hit the world. We’re still playing the funk, with an ultra-tight feel. Our producer Eddie Roberts said to think of the sound of those early Cameo albums, which painted a perfect picture. As with…

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bass of tomorrow

“I feel like we’ve been outcasts for 20 years—only now are people opening up and accepting what we do! We’ve always had a hardcore customer base in engineering, because engineers and computer guys like what we do. The late Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, had one of our basses, and so do people at NASA. Guys like that got what we were doing and they kept us alive. “The late Paul Allen of Microsoft had one of our basses, and so do people at NASA” “Every Chinese-sourced Dingwall bass gets between two and six hours of labor and care at the Canada shop, while the Custom Shop models take 50 to 100 hours of labor. The factory we use in China listens to what we have to say, and we’ve seen…

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DIEGO ‘ASHES’ IBARRA DEVILDRIVER “The Bartolini electronics and EMG pickups in the Robert Trujillo Warwick suit Devildriver perfectly” For our new album, Dealing With Demons I, I used a series of Darkglass pedals in the studio and an Avalon head, which gives you several compression options. You get a super-punchy sound that way. For basses, I used Warwicks—I switched to them a while back. For this kind of music, I need the active electronics for some extra bite in the sound. I went over to the factory in Germany for a few days, and they were very cool to me. I spent all day playing basses, and the one that I chose is the Robert Trujillo signature model—he has Bartolini electronics and EMG pickups, which I also endorse, on his bass, and it…

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doug wimbish

Doug Wimbish is a unique bass player. Not only does he have an established background in funk, hip-hop, rock, metal, electronic music, and polished pop, he’s equally at home with traditional and effected bass tones, and he’s a fixture in the American and British music industry. He first came into the limelight as a member of the fabled house band at New Jersey’s Sugar Hill Records and, as well as being a long-time member of Tackhead and Living Colour, he has amassed a body of session and stage work alongside huge stars and cult acts alike. You’ll see him toting a signature Spector bass alongside a massive pedalboard that nearly killed our editor when Doug asked him to carry it at the London Bass Guitar Show a few years ago.…