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 / Hunting & Fishing


January/February 2020

Bassmaster is the worldwide authority on bass fishing and the official publication of B.A.S.S. Our mission is to educate, inform and entertain bass anglers while promoting and enhancing the sport of bass fishing, remembering the legacy of our sport and spearheading trends for its future.

United States
B.A.S.S., LLC.
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9 Issues


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EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief: James Hall Director of Design and Photography: Laurie Tisdale Executive Editor: Bryan Brasher Associate Editor: Mandy Pascal Senior Editor: Thomas Allen Production Manager/Art Director, B.A.S.S. TIMES: Rick Reed Designer/Editorial Assistant: Breanne Jackson Senior Writers: David A. Brown, Steve Price, Pete Robbins, Louie Stout, Don Wirth Illustrators: Jonathan H. Milo, Arturo Gonzalez Murga, Doug Schermer Photographer: Seigo Saito Photo Editor: Gary Tramontina Antique Tackle Consultant: Karl White BASSMASTER.COM Managing Editor: Chris Mitchell Digital Content Manager: Phillip Lawless Social Media Editor: Emily Hand CIRCULATION Director, Membership: Mitch Frank SALES AND SPONSORSHIPS Director of Sales Development and Marketing: Susan Sutton Sales Development Director, Digital and Television: Laura Rush, 205-313-0934 Senior Marketing Manager: April Phillips Marketing Manager: Kerri Bonner Senior Advertising Manager: Cindy McKee Sponsor Relations Manager: Mary Kathryn Thomas, 205-313-0958 Ad Operations Manager: Matt Robinson Director of Sales, Southeast: Deborah Smart, 860-839-5245, dsmart@bassmaster.com Director of Sales, Central and East: Bill Syrett, 770-367-6622 Director of Sales: Tim Carini, 631-807-6309, tcarini@bassmaster.com Advertising &…

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oh, canada!

When the 2019 Elite Series kicked off at the St. Johns River, there were Canadians in the field for the very first time. Three of them, to be exact. Fans and pundits were very curious how these north country men might fare south of the border, especially in southern impoundments that seem so different from what and how the Canadians typically fish. Well, this shot of Jeff Gustafson pretty much answers that question. “Gussy,” as he is affectionately called, fishing out of a Lund (first angler ever to tow one of these rigs along the Elite trail), was constantly in this position: reaching for a heavyweight fish to boost his limit. He ended up in 28th place in Angler of the Year standings, missing a win at Cayuga by a…

3 min.
flipping out

AS I WATCHED Chris Mitchell’s kayak flip over while he was reaching out to grab his lure that was snagged on a not-close-enough log, I didn’t know whether to giggle or be concerned for him. So, I giggled in concern. His bald head popped up thanks to the PFD he was wearing, and all but one of his rod and reel combinations were accounted for. I picked up his tacklebox, hat and cooler as I paddled over to check on him. Only thing bruised was his pride, which I took little effort to bandage. “I give that a 3 out of 10. Splash was too big, no creativity upon entry,” I said. Mitchell, who is the managing editor of Bassmaster.com and a newbie to the kayak fishing scene, did not see…

3 min.
brandon cobb

2019 was a humongous year for you. You took home an Elite Series win and a big-time win at Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest. Tell us about that experience. Dude, it was kind of a blur really. I was so excited just to be fishing the Elite Series, and obviously you want to win one, but I never really thought about what it would be like to do it. I’ve always fished my career — and this is going to sound weird — as, “just don’t suck.” That was my mentality. I wanted to be consistent, and I had a few chances to win throughout the years, but in those two tournaments, everything just came together. It was just a blur. That 11-pounder you caught at Lake Fork won you a truck and…

4 min.
scientific angle

ACTIVE ANGLER In 2004, David Fritts was putting the wraps on a lackluster season on the Bassmaster Elite 50 tour when a terrifying spectacle unfolded. “I was fishing on the Ohio River outside of Paducah, Ky.,” he recalls. “As I made my way back toward the launch, a really bad lightning storm came up. I got down in the middle of my Ranger and hunkered down a bit.” A split second later, Fritts heard a loud pop and felt heat running up his spine, then he fell to the floor, unconscious. He’d barely missed a direct strike from lightning. When Fritts came to, an estimated five minutes later, part of his motor was in the boat and his face was bleeding. “My rod box was up instead of down,” he explains. “When…

1 min.

January 12 Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day. Experts cannot agree on the origin of this holiday, but it seems like a great excuse to eat. 15 National Hat Day. Do your lucky hat a favor and give it a wash. We know you never have. 20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Bridge the gap by talking to an angler of another descent to learn about their world view. 26 Spouse’s Day. Grab your honey a surprise and tell them you read about it in Bassmaster Magazine. February 14 Valentine’s Day. In case you missed Spouse’s Day, and because you probably needed another reminder. 17 Presidents Day. Make like George H.W. Bush and hit the water. Bassmaster.com has a gallery of him fishing with Ray Scott.…