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Bassmaster January/February 2019

Bassmaster is the worldwide authority on bass fishing and the official publication of B.A.S.S. Our mission is to educate, inform and entertain bass anglers while promoting and enhancing the sport of bass fishing, remembering the legacy of our sport and spearheading trends for its future.

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proof of life

Elite Series pro Brock Mosley loves to fish shallow. However, when the mercury drops the first month of the year, there aren’t many anglers willing to beat the bank. Mosley bucks the trend, however, knowing that some bass, usually the bigger variety, simply never leave skinny water no matter how cold the water gets. Here, his theory pays off in a large … make that largemouth … way. When a fish requires your second hand to move that far up the rod for a boat flip, you know it will be showcased at the weigh-in stand. Now that he has found life in the shallows, it’s game on.…

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an unlikely reunion

CAPTAIN STEVE CARTER was practicing for the European Open bass fishing tournament on Spain’s Lake Caspe in September 1986. He was serving in the U.S. Air Force in Zaragoza and spent his off-time chasing the bountiful bass population in this young reservoir. He had found a giant school of fish holding on bridge pilings when a young Spaniard in an inflatable raft approached him. Little did he know how this chance encounter would change the future of bass fishing in that country. “He asked in broken English if I had caught anything, so I lifted up a stringer of 4-pounders and his mouth fell open,” Carter remembers. “I don’t think he even knew what bass were. They mainly fished for carp and walleye back then. I tried to explain where…

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skylar hamilton

When people hear your name, they think about that Xpress aluminum boat you run. We know it helps you get into shallow or stumpy areas that some fiberglass rigs are averse to, but does a lighter rig help you with gas mileage, too? Oh yeah, for sure. I get better mileage on both sides of the equation. I would say that running a lighter boat is at least 25 percent better on fuel for the outboard, especially if you have the right prop. On the truck side, I get 14.5 to 15.5 miles per gallon, which is pretty incredible when towing a boat. Your rookie season was in 2017. Two years in, do you feel like an Elite Series veteran yet? My first year was pretty tough, so really, I feel like this…

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January 1 New Year’s Day. Resolve to learn a new technique this year. 3 Fruitcake Toss Day. You can finally put that leftover fruitcake to use — as catfish bait. 25 Opposite Day. Improve your ambidextrous casting ability by using your off hand to cast. It’ll make you a better angler, but we’re not liable for lost baits. February 8 Boy Scout Day. Scouts have to demonstrate the usage of two fishing outfits and a Palomar knot to earn the fishing merit badge. Find your local troop and offer to help them out. 14 Valentine’s Day. Share this day with National Ferris Wheel Day and National Organ Donor Day. This could go really well or really wrong. for you. 22 Walk The Dog Day. This is meant for canines, but why not celebrate with your favorite topwater…

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B.A.S.S. National Conservation Director Gene Gilliland was recently inducted into the American Fisheries Society’s Fisheries Management Hall of Excellence. Gilliland is the 61st inductee to the group, which inducts people based on significant contributions in fisheries management, research, administration or education or promotion of fisheries resource conservation and protection. Induction is considered fisheries management’s highest honor. “Being inducted into the Hall of Excellence is a humbling honor, and I am very appreciative of this recognition,” said Gilliland. “Many of the early inductees were men whose books I used in college. Others were my advisers and mentors who guided my career. Still others are colleagues that I work with in my current position at B.A.S.S. I count many of them as personal friends.”…

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state of the nation

B.A.S.S. officials have announced the locations for three regional Nation tournaments and the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship for 2019. The Nation Central Regional will be held April 17-19 at Lake Guntersville, Alabama. The Western Regional will take place May 8-10 at California’s Lake Shasta. Maine’s Sebago Lake will host the Eastern Regional on September 11-13. Qualifiers for the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship will head to South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell on a date to be determined, most likely in October. “We’re excited to have a schedule that includes well-known bass-fishing havens like Lake Guntersville, Lake Shasta and Lake Hartwell,” said B.A.S.S. Nation Director Jon Stewart. “Obviously, the tradition that B.A.S.S. has with those three lakes speaks for itself.”…