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 / Hunting & Fishing

Bassmaster March 2019

Bassmaster is the worldwide authority on bass fishing and the official publication of B.A.S.S. Our mission is to educate, inform and entertain bass anglers while promoting and enhancing the sport of bass fishing, remembering the legacy of our sport and spearheading trends for its future.

United States
B.A.S.S., LLC.
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9 Issues


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the ides of march

The ancient Romans had a calendar, but not one where the days were numbered. Instead, lengths of months were determined by counting days based on the full moon. In this regard, the Romans would have been great bass fishermen. As spring arrives, every angler worth his or her favorite toga will be pondering the spawn, along with the moon phase. This is the time of year when giant bass fulfill dreams of an angler’s personal best. At a minimum, spring marks the season where the chill in the air is fading, boats are uncovered and fishing gear is prepared. For the Romans, the first full moon of the year was considered the Ides of March. Several religious observances, including festivals, were conducted to celebrate this full moon. The Romans also…

3 min.
live gets livelier

IF I DIDN’T work for B.A.S.S., I probably would have been fired last year. See, I have an addiction. During Elite Series events, I simply can’t turn off Bassmaster LIVE. As a matter of fact, I requested an extra monitor (please don’t show this column to our accountants) in order to improve my ability to “work” on multiple projects at the same time. Technically, I was above board with this request, sort of, because it is unbelievable how much I learn from watching the best in the biz fish at the highest level on some of the best fisheries on the planet. This year, I may need to seek professional help, because B.A.S.S. rolled out a whole new game plan for LIVE. Before I mention the new stuff, allow me to…

3 min.
stetson blaylock

You’re from basically the middle of the country in Benton, Ark. How did growing up there prepare you for a career as a pro? This area is really rich with fishing and fishermen that have made a career on the tournament trails. Within an hour’s drive, there are anywhere from five to 10 guys fishing professionally. I learned a lot from them about what to do and what not to do — guys like Larry Nixon, Scott Suggs, Ron Shuffield, George Cochran and Jeremiah Kennedy. There are also a lot of fishing options in central Arkansas. We have Lake Ouachita, which is deep, rocky and clear. We have rivers that are clear-water smallmouth fisheries; we have Lake Hamilton, which has cypress trees and lily pads; and we have the Arkansas River,…

1 min.

21 Absolutely Incredible Kid Day. Take your little fishing pals to the tackle store and buy them a few new lures … as long as they’re being good. 23 Near Miss Day. Today, we hoist a glass for all of those 10-pounders that somehow just barely got away. 25 Waffle Day. The one day each year where getting to the ramp late is acceptable. You had to stop at Waffle House on the way, right? 28 Weed Appreciation Day. We’re pretty sure this holiday was meant for something else, but here at Bassmaster we are all for holidays that promote cover and habitat. 31 World Backup Day. Years of online petitions have finally resulted in the creation of a holiday that celebrates fishing’s most underrated and essential skill.…

1 min.

In one of his last acts of 2018, President Donald Trump signed the Modern Fish Act. The law is the result of years of labor from fishing and conservation groups like the American Sportfishing Association, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. While primarily a saltwater initiative, the law provides new directives for data-based management of fisheries that distinguishes between recreational and commercial anglers. B.A.S.S. National Conservation Director Gene Gilliland says that, for bass anglers, the new law helped legislators understand the value of recreational fishing. That understanding could pay dividends should freshwater fisheries require future congressional support.…

1 min.
bass city, usa | gwinnett, ga.

Technically a county, the area locally known as Gwinnett encompasses 10 cities in the Atlanta suburbs surrounding Lake Lanier. Home to the recent Elite Series weigh-ins from its famous lake, the 10,427-seat Coolray Field is also home to the United Soccer League’s Atlanta United 2 and minor league baseball’s Atlanta Stripers, whose logo bears a striking resemblance to our own. 920,260 Gwinnett County’s total population 38,000 Acreage of Lake Lanier No.2 The county’s population rank in the state of Georgia 17 pounds, 9 ounces Lake Lanier record largemouth bass, from 1965 22 pounds, 4 ounces George Perry’s famous state and world-record largemouth bass, weighed in Georgia in 1934…