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 / Hunting & Fishing

Bassmaster June 2019

Bassmaster is the worldwide authority on bass fishing and the official publication of B.A.S.S. Our mission is to educate, inform and entertain bass anglers while promoting and enhancing the sport of bass fishing, remembering the legacy of our sport and spearheading trends for its future.

United States
B.A.S.S., LLC.
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9 Issues


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EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief: Dave Precht Editor: James Hall Art Director/Photography Manager: Laurie Tisdale Editorial Assistant: Mandy Pascal Senior Editor: Thomas Allen Production Manager/Art Director: Rick Reed Designer: Breanne Jackson Senior Writers: Steve Price, Pete Robbins, Louie Stout, Don Wirth Illustrators: Jonathan H. Milo, Arturo Gonzalez Murga, Doug Schermer, Jason Simmelink Photographer: Seigo Saito Photo Editor: Gary Tramontina Antique Tackle Consultant: Karl White BASSMASTER.COM Managing Editor: Chris Mitchell Digital Content Manager: Phillip Lawless Social Media Editor: Emily Hand CIRCULATION Director, Membership: Mitch Frank B.A.S.S., LLC Chief Executive Officer: Bruce Akin Director: Chase Anderson Vice President, General Manager: Carol Stone Vice President, Digital: Jim Sexton Vice President, Sales: Joe Higgins Vice President, Publications And Communications: Dave Precht Director, Events & Sponsorship Activation: Eric Lopez Conservation Director: Gene Gilliland B.A.S.S. Nation Director: Jon Stewart Tournament Director: Trip Weldon Founder: Ray Scott…

2 min.
feeling the force

When your first name is Luke, you have to expect Star Wars references. This is no different for Elite Series rookie Luke Palmer, it seems. His Jedi mind tricks seem to work pretty well on bass, as this 28-year-old pro from Coalgate, Okla., qualified for bass fishing’s biggest stage after only two years competing in the Bassmaster Central Opens. He grew up as a two-sport athlete, playing baseball and basketball in high school, but the time he spent bass fishing with his father (nope, no black helmet or James Earl Jones voice), was the force that compelled his competitive juices. His invitation to join the Elite Series this year was the completion of his first goal as a professional angler. However, it’s far from his loftiest expectation. “I want to…

3 min.
from one cobb to another

COBB. THAT LAST name is synonymous with this magazine. Unless you are a very young reader, you’ll remember that Bob Cobb was the first editor of this publication, and turned a pickle box full of angler ramblings into the biggest vertical fishing magazine the world has ever seen. Interestingly enough, almost 50 years after Bob started making his mark on the sport, another B. Cobb is making waves in the B.A.S.S. universe. Brandon Cobb, no relation to Bob, is a 29-year-old newcomer on the Elite Series this year. That said, this South Carolina native has been fishing professionally for five years, stacking up impressive stats on the FLW tour. His work there prepared him well for the Big Stage, it seems, as his results so far this year have been near…

3 min.
cliff prince

You didn’t start your athletic career in bass fishing, right? Before you were a pro bass fisherman, you were actually in the rodeo scene? Yeah, I was. I started riding when I was in seventh grade. Rodeo actually taught me a lot of skills that I use in bass fishing. Even though it’s very competitive, it’s mostly an individual sport, and it’s a lot like fishing except you’re not standing in a boat. Rodeo taught me how to control my nerves, because you are competing in front of big crowds, sometimes thousands of people. You have to be calm. When you’re on a horse, they can sense you being tense, and if you are nervous, they are going to feel it and be nervous, too. So, rodeo taught me how to focus. Did you…

4 min.
scientific angle

ACTIVE ANGLER In the summer of 2003, Bernie Schultz was in the midst of one of his worst-ever tournament seasons. After more than a decade on professional bass fishing trails, Schultz was beginning to feel the signs of wear and tear on his body. What began as a series of sharp pains escalated to a career-threatening medical condition that would require immediate attention. Schultz was only 44 and in good physical shape. That said, he had been clashing rods in the B.A.S.S. wars since 1982. Those two decades of competitive fishing took him all over the country, and he fished his share of big-water derbies. From Nevada’s Lake Mead to New York’s St. Lawrence River to Florida’s Lake Okeechobee, Schultz had experienced some of the most brutal conditions an angler would ever…

1 min.

AFTCO has renewed its B.A.S.S. Nation Conservation Grant Program for a second year. This year’s program, which awards grants of up to $5,000 to conservation-related B.A.S.S. Nation projects, kicked off at the 2019 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods. “I have admired AFTCO’s commitment to conservation for many years,” said B.A.S.S. conservation Director Gene Gilliland, “and I am very glad to see them step up with these B.A.S.S. Nation grants as they dive into the freshwater bass market.” “Each project must have an endorsement from the local fisheries management agency and work to accomplish goals of mutual benefit,” AFTCO officials said. This year’s grant winners will be announced at ICAST in July. Questions about the program should be directed to Gilliland (ggilliland@bassmaster.com).…