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 / Hunting & Fishing

Bassmaster September/October 2019

Bassmaster is the worldwide authority on bass fishing and the official publication of B.A.S.S. Our mission is to educate, inform and entertain bass anglers while promoting and enhancing the sport of bass fishing, remembering the legacy of our sport and spearheading trends for its future.

United States
B.A.S.S., LLC.
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9 Issues


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EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief: Dave Precht Editor: James Hall Art Director/Photography Manager: Laurie Tisdale Associate Editor: Mandy Pascal Senior Editor: Thomas Allen Production Manager/Art Director: Rick Reed Designer/Editorial Assistant: Breanne Jackson Senior Writers: Steve Price, Pete Robbins, Louie Stout, Don Wirth Illustrators: Jonathan H. Milo, Arturo Gonzalez Murga, Doug Schermer, Jason Simmelink Photographer: Seigo Saito Photo Editor: Gary Tramontina Antique Tackle Consultant: Karl White BASSMASTER.COM Managing Editor: Chris Mitchell Digital Content Manager: Phillip Lawless Social Media Editor: Emily Hand CIRCULATION Director, Membership: Mitch Frank MEMBER CUSTOMER SERVICES Email: bassmaster@emailcustomerservice.com Phone: 877-227-7872 SALES AND SPONSORSHIPS Sales Development Director, Digital and Television: Laura Rush, 205-313-0934 Marketing Managers: April Phillips, Susan Sutton, Kerri Bonner Senior Advertising Manager: Cindy McKee, 205-313-0926 Sponsor Relations Manager: Mary Kathryn Thomas, 205-313-0958 VP/Sales, Midwest and Northwest: Joe Higgins VP/Sales, Southwest and West: Angie Thompson Director of Sales, Southeast: Deborah Smart, 860-839-5245, dsmart@bassmaster.com Director of Sales, Central and East: Bill Syrett, 770-367-6622 Advertising & Expo Sales: Katie Hagan, 251-802-4994, khagan@bassmaster.com B.A.S.S., LLC Chief Executive…

1 min.
nothing but questions

When you look at this photo of Elite Series pro Cliff Pirch, a lot of questions come to mind. Is that a bass on the end of his line? If that is a bass on the end of his line, how big is it? If that is a big bass on the end of his line, how freakin’ high did it jump? It is likely the questions were even more plentiful for Pirch, who hooked this fish during a tournament day on the Elite Series. “When is the last time I retied?” “How well is the fish hooked?” “Is there anything under the water between me and the fish?” “Did Seigo get a photo of what just happened?” Well, to answer the last question, sort of. The image is incredible, but certainly leaves the viewer…

3 min.
a moment of reflection

WITH AGE, COMES reflection, it seems. As I celebrate my 20th year with B.A.S.S. this month, it feels natural to take a look backward, if for no other reason than to gain perspective for illuminating a path forward. Dave Precht hired me in 1999 as a part of the media relations team, I’m assuming because there were no other applicants. I traveled the country covering the Bassmaster Top 150 Tour, writing press releases and assisting television crews and newspaper reporters covering the events. A quick look at the June 1999 issue of Bassmaster reveals some common threads in the B.A.S.S. landscape over the past two decades. Precht was celebrating his 20th year with the company. Rick Clunn placed second in the Top 150 event at Lake Mead that year. Jay Yelas…

3 min.
kyle monti

Your hometown is instantly recognizable. Did you grow up fishing Lake Okeechobee? Yes. Absolutely, but I grew up on the south end of the lake. Now, I live in the city of Okeechobee, on the north end. On a calm day, you can run from one end of the lake to the other in 45 minutes, but we always had so much to do on the south end that I never fished up north. Now, I never go back south. When people think Okeechobee, they might think big bass first and controversy second. Have you seen the lake change much in your lifetime? Drastically. It changes on a daily basis anyway, but overall, from the time I was a kid until now, it has changed drastically. I’ve seen the lake at 8 feet…

4 min.
scientific angle

ACTIVE ANGLER Brian Snowden remembers hauling across Lake St. Clair after several days of pre-fishing for a Bassmaster Elite Series event. The six-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier had hours and hours of charts logged, and enough waypoints to make a go at a big blue trophy — until he speared a wave and suddenly lost it all. “I spent a week before that marking waypoints and graphing,” Snowden recalls. “I was on my way in, and I ended up spearing a wave and lost all of my waypoints. You don’t realize how strong that water is and just how much of it can get into your boat until you run headfirst into one.” Since that event, Snowden has learned to lay his bow-mounted graphs down inside of the boat. “That’s especially important if you’re…

1 min.

September 2 Labor Day. The unofficial end of summer means you’ll want to start organizing your baits for fall after sunset. 21 Oktoberfest Begins In Germany. All hail the pumpkin spice craft brew. Try a cold one or stick to your tried-and-true, because they don’t drink that slog in Europe. October 16 Boss’s Day. Finish those TPS reports early and spend the afternoon on the water. Your boss will appreciate your newfound dedication to “work/life balance.” 26 Make a Difference Day. Try making a difference in a young angler’s life by donating a rod and reel to someone who could put the combo to good use. 31 Halloween. Tag us in your best B.A.S.S.-themed costume on Instagram @bassnation.…