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Bassmaster November/December 2019

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EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief: James Hall Director of Design and Photography: Laurie Tisdale Executive Editor: Bryan Brasher Associate Editor: Mandy Pascal Senior Editor: Thomas Allen Production Manager/Art Director, B.A.S.S. TIMES: Rick Reed Designer/Editorial Assistant: Breanne Jackson Senior Writers: David Brown, Steve Price, Pete Robbins, Louie Stout, Don Wirth Illustrators: Jonathan H. Milo, Arturo Gonzalez Murga, Doug Schermer Photographer: Seigo Saito Photo Editor: Gary Tramontina Antique Tackle Consultant: Karl White BASSMASTER.COM Managing Editor: Chris Mitchell Digital Content Manager: Phillip Lawless Social Media Editor: Emily Hand CIRCULATION Director, Membership: Mitch Frank SALES AND SPONSORSHIPS Director of Sales Development and Marketing: Susan Sutton Sales Development Director, Digital and Television: Laura Rush, 205-313-0934 Senior Marketing Manager: April Phillips Marketing Manager: Kerri Bonner Senior Advertising Manager: Cindy McKee Sponsor Relations Manager: Mary Kathryn Thomas, 205-313-0958 Ad Operations Manager: Matt Robinson VP/Sales, Midwest and Northwest: Joe Higgins Director of Sales, Southeast: Deborah Smart, 860-839-5245, dsmart@bassmaster.com Director of Sales, Central and East: Bill Syrett, 770-367-6622 Director of Sales: Tim…

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silencing the slump

Ask most Elite Series veterans about their second year on tour, and almost all of them will talk about the “sophomore slump.” The rookie year is typically filled with wide-eyed wonder and innocent ignorance when angling never-before-seen fisheries against the best in the world. Oftentimes, rookies have great performances by fishing the moment, not history, and end the year in a good place. However, when the second year rolls around, the experience of the first year fishing on the Big Stage somehow hampers their success. It’s like some strange bass fishing witchcraft mojo targeting the confidence of second-year pros. Well, Elite Series sophomore Hunter Shryock proved in 2019 that this slump is not universal. And you could make the argument that the fish he is landing in this photo from…

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a season to remember

I’M A TEXAS Longhorns fan. It seems like yesterday when Vince Young almost singlehandedly defeated the USC Trojans for the BCS National Championship. Pretty sure I still have that game saved on my DVR. Of course, my Longhorns haven’t been national contenders for a hot minute, but that 2006 season is one I’ll never forget. I had the same level of excitement after the season-ending Elite Series event dramatically played out this past October. In case you missed what are sure to be historically significant moments from this this year, allow me to offer some highlights. It all started in Florida this past February, where Rick Clunn, the greatest angler ever to hold a rod and reel, won his 16th Bassmaster title. And not only did the 73-year-old legend notch his…

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jamie hartman

Last year, you were forced to take a medical hardship due to a ruptured disk. This year, you’ve won two Elite Series events. Do you think time off helped you succeed at a higher level this year? I can’t say that it helped me. What it did was give me the extra drive. Trust me, the rust showed at the start of the season. I was rusty during the first two events. I was not making the right decisions, and I was second guessing myself. I made bad choices and the results of that showed on the scoreboard. You placed 53rd at the St. Johns River and 57th at Lake Lanier in February. What goes through your mind during a rough start like that? “Oh, crap!” is what’s going through my head. Basically,…

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the industry

MODEL SEARCH To cap off the 2019 Year of the Fan celebration, Bassmaster editors believe there is no better way to thank readers than by featuring one on the cover of this magazine. So, consider this a search for bass fishing’s top model! Yes, seriously, you could be on the cover of Bassmaster Magazine, which is mailed to 525,000 subscribers across the globe. Simply submit a cover-worthy shot of you holding or catching a largemouth, smallmouth or spotted bass to be considered. Of course, the higher quality the image, the better chance you have of making it on the cover. Consider the camera you are using and make sure to opt for high resolution. Since we live in the Instagram age, there is no need to mention that creativity and photo composition will be the…

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November 2 Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). A dead bass doesn’t do anybody any good. Today is a good day to relearn fish care practices. 11 Veterans Day. Take a veteran fishing. If you don’t know one, visit takeavetfishing.org to get the hookup. If you are a veteran, treat yourself to a day on the water. 28 Thanksgiving. Go ahead and schedule a reminder on your phone right now. You need to plan on going to the store before this day. December 13 Friday the 13th. There are at least 30 lakes in the United States named Crystal Lake. Do you dare go fishing on one today? 25 Christmas. The day all of you good boys and girls get new rods and reels. The day you bad ones get nothing but crickets.…