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They say that power corrupts, and there’s an argument that the hypercar’s pursuit of ultimate speed is corrupting the gene pool of performance cars. As the quest to break the 300mph barrier continues, tyre widths increase, brakes bloat in diameter and the aero gets so complex that you end up piloting a device akin to a Eurofighter, where a rear-wing activator failure at a key moment will leave you wishing you could reach for the ejector seat. We all love to marvel at such mind-boggling creations and their physics-challenging capabilities, and dream about the lottery-win scenario that would turn the dream of ownership into a reality, but their ripple effect is felt all the way down the automotive food chain. These days, supersaloons with 600bhp (a figure reserved for supercars a…

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1 ferrari masters the turbo

You’ll have read that any number of turbo engines are “free of lag”. There’s the Ferrari 488 GTB’s V8. That one is tantalisingly close. Various BMWs and AMGs are nearly there, but only the 488 Pista’s V8 is free of lag. No punctuation required. That’s the electrifying achievement of this car. There’s vastly more to it, though. Has to be. Because the 488 Pista must follow the smoking tyre marks of the 458 Speciale and, in chasing the Speciale’s genius, the Pista has 50 more horses than a 488 GTB. It’s had a major overhaul of the already fabulous 488 engine. Plus an all-new exhaust system, promising a hair-raising song. The Pista’s chassis electronics are cleverer than ever, and its aerodynamics substantially altered. Fiorano (Ferrari’s private test track) is clear and…

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2 bmw m2 wants to be just like its big brother

Meet the BMW M2 Competition. BMW describes it as a “complete reworking” of the M2, which the Competition replaces entirely. It’s closer to the ethos of the old 1-Series M Coupe than ever. Out goes the M2’s single-turbo 3.0 straight-six, replaced by a similarly sized twin-turbo unit borrowed from the BMW M4. It’s a bit less potent here, but with 404bhp and 406lb ft, it’s still up 10 per cent on the old M2, more than enough to counter a 55kg weight gain (to 1,550kg). It’s good for 0–62mph in 4.2secs on its way to a limited 155mph vmax, or 170mph if you option the ‘M Driver’s Package’. Other changes are a little more subtle: beefer brakes sit beneath those exceptional new alloy wheels, while the steering is tweaked and the stability…

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3 this is what happens when an x3 and an i3 get jiggy

BMW’s first all-electric SUV is a restyled, re-engineered X3, but one that wears the ‘i’ badge from the more exotic i3 and i8. Here to rival the Jaguar I-Pace, Audi e-tron quattro and Merc EQ C, it features a modular EV drivetrain where the electric motor, transmission and power electrics are grouped into a single component, and a snout that reminds us of the pig from Angry Birds. You get a range of more than 249 miles, around 268bhp and a 30min recharge time from a 150kW fast-charger. Expect a productionised version by 2020.…

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4 jag’s project 8 is as feral as we’d hoped

There’s been fast road-going Jaguars before, but none where the explicit mission was to extract the fastest possible lap time. For that, you need a 5.0-litre cranked up to 592bhp, an adapted version of the F-Type SVR’s 4WD system, 0–60mph in 3.3secs and 200mph fat out. You need height-adjustable suspension, adjustable aero, carbon-ceramic brakes, two- and four-seat confgurations, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres, 122kg of downforce at 186mph and a radically changed exterior. Notepads out, then – here’s what we learned riding shotgun. 1 IT LOOKS… MUSCULAR To accommodate wider tyres and a wider track, the rear arches are fared by 55mm per side, which in turn required reshaped rear doors. The front arches are also pumped by 19mm and the headlights moved 14mm forward to make space for the forged…

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5 the db11 has crashed into a branch of jd sports

Less than two years after the DB11 V12 heralded in a new era of rapid expansion for Aston Martin, it’s being replaced… with this. It’s called the DB11 AMR and claims to bring “a new dimension of race-inspired dynamism and performance to the DB11 family”. Really, it’s a detailed makeover of Aston’s V12 fagship addressing two years of feedback. So this isn’t a truly hardcore GT – that’s being saved for the Vanquish replacement (now badged DBS Superleggera) due later this year. Power from the twin-turbo 5.2-litre V12 climbs by 30bhp to 630bhp, the 0–62mph time drops by 0.2sec to 3.7secs and the top speed increases by 8mph to 208mph. That’s 208mph in a car CEO Andy Palmer still refers to as a “consummate GT”. The world has gone mad. Nerdy details are…