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Top Gear is the worlds most exciting Car magazine bringing you up to date news, the latest drives and stunning features.

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Editor - in - chief @TopGearEditor editor@bbctopgearmagazine.com Firstly, I hope that this magazine finds you and your families safe and well. Clearly, we are living through challenging times and, as the world pauses for a moment to battle an invisible foe, it gives us time to reflect on those things we might have taken for granted in the past. The fundamental connection we all share as creators and readers of this magazine is an obsessive love of travel. From daily drives to epic roadtrips, we all take pleasure in distance travelled, places discovered, friends met and experiences shared. That common bond and enjoyment is heightened by the chosen mode of transport, the beauty of its design, the depth of its engineering, the capability of its performance. Above all, it is the car’s ability to…

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cars and the coronavirus

Perhaps Friday 13 March was the turning point. The Australian GP, cancelled at just two days’ notice after a McLaren mechanic tested positive for coronavirus. How many teams, then in full spool up for the new season, would have envisaged that within two weeks, they’d all be working together? Things move fast in F1. Trouble is, as we know all too well, so does Covid-19. The disease affects the respiratory system, so those that are hospitalised can need help breathing. This is done by a mechanical ventilator. But there were only 8,000 of these in the UK, and the NHS believed it would need around 30,000 to cope with demand. So government put out the call to industry to help. All seven UK-based Formula One teams came together to form Project…

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coffee break

Tiger King Believe the hype. This Netflix doc is full of big-cat craziness, gun-toting’Muricans, mullets and missing teeth. It will stay with you. As will the names Joe Exotic & Carole Baskin TopGear magazine fix You can download the latest edition and back issues direct to your phone or tablet from the App Store. Because when life gives you lemons… settle in and read TG Dog bingo When you yearn to have a dog, this is not the greatest game to take your mind off not having a dog. When the day comes… BINGO will be his nam’o Hip Hop Saved My Life Comedian Romesh Ranganathan’s podcast has been around for years, but still as funny as ever. It opens your ears to beats you don’t know you’ve missed and you love. BIG UP, MC RANGA Newspaperclub.com Kids &…

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the vauxhall tigra sport rouge

You may have forgotten the Vauxhall Tigra. If so, congratulations. If, however, you remember GM’s flaccid two-seat convertible of the Noughties, and you’re looking at the photo below thinking, “but I’m sure the Tigra had a folding hard top”, you’re right. It did. Apart from when it was the grandly named Tigra ‘Sport Rouge’, when it had a soft top. But also a hard top. Yes, the Tigra Sport Rouge retained the standard Tigra’s metal folder… but wrapped it in a layer of fabric. On the upside, it may have caused momentary confusion to a few scissor-wielding car crims. On the downside, literally everything else. Vauxhall claimed the Sport Rouge – yes, that roof wrap only came in red – catered to customers “who love the look of a fabric soft top…

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chasing perfect

“CAST YOUR EYE OVER THE IMAGE BEFORE YOU AND LET YOUR MIND DRIFT AWAY” Let’s not overcomplicate this, shall we? Cast your eye over the image before you and let your mind drift away into a world of infinite possibilities. A world where this car actually exists. Unfortunately, this isn’t BMW’s latest retro homage, it’s the work of annoyingly talented vehicle artist Khyzyl Saleem. Khyzyl recently posted how the IMSA 3.0 CSL Batmobile is: “One of the most beautiful racecars ever created.” And lo, the seed was planted in his head, and this render of a road-legal interpretation was born. We’d proffer that this is one of the finest, most lustworthy BMW renders ever created. So, here it is, massive, for your viewing pleasure. You’ll probably already know a bit about the…

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unhinged flying object

Well that’s quite a sight, isn’t it? If the Aston Martin Valkyrie – a track-focused hypercar with a 1,160bhp output and 11,100rpm redline – has so far seemed too otherworldly to get excited about, then here it is looking utterly spectacular on a regular old road. “I’ve shot on that road,” declared staff writer Tom Harrison as soon as he saw these pictures. “I would not want to drive a Valkyrie down it, that’s for sure.” Looks like some Sparco-shoed aliens have descended from another planet in their V12-powered UFO to sniff out Britain’s famous B-roads. Viewed from behind, the car looks especially mesmerising, with huge gaps where normal cars have ‘bodywork’ and a diffuser that could make reverse parking a financially ruinous venture. “Following successful circuit testing, Valkyrie has been navigating the…